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Immunizations & Pre-Travel Information

Routine Immunizations & Pre-Departure Checkups

It’s always a good idea to ensure that you are up to date on routine immunizations before you travel internationally. Be sure to check with your healthcare provider well in advance of your trip. Keep in mind that most immunizations do not take effect immediately, and some may take weeks to provide protection, so planning in advance is key! 

Take a look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s website for additional information on routine vaccines that you may need to keep up to date.  

You may also wish to check with your doctor about the need for a routine physical, or to discuss other healthcare concerns, before you depart.

Travel-Specific Immunizations & Prophylactics

The CDC provides recommendations for additional immunizations and prophylactic medications that you may wish to consider, depending on your destination country. 

The UK Travel Clinic provides immunizations, medications and country-specific advice. Keep in mind that your personal physician may not have all immunizations readily available. It is also important to research whether or not your health insurance covers the cost of travel-related vaccines, as levels and availability of coverage vary from policy to policy. UK's international travel medical insurance through AXA Assistance will not cover the cost of these vaccines. UK employees covered under employee health plans should research whether not their specific plan offers coverage for these inoculations. If you must take a vaccine in prepration for an international business trip, and your insurance does not cover all costs, you may submit the expense as part of a travel voucher. Be sure to keep all receipts and documentation related to the vaccine for submission as part of the reimbursement process.

UK students may wish to consult University Health Service (UHS), as they provide discounted vaccines to students who have paid the health fee, and they are available for the same pre-travel advice as the Travel Clinic. UHS recommends that students make an appointment with them four to six weeks before a trip.