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Develop a Summer Academy

Training Academies for Chinese Professionals and Chinese High School Students

The Office of China Initiatives (OCI) will work with colleges and centers at UK to create summer academies for high school and college students that will generate income to support the operation of the OCI, and to provide scholarships for students and grants for faculty. To support this effort, the OCI will:

  • Develop and run summer academies for Chinese high school and college students at UK  
  • Work with the Confucius Institute to operate the Summer Institute for U.S. high school students in China  

If you have any inquiries about our summer academy programs or wish to collaborate with the OCI on developing a new summer academy, please email Kathryn T. Bliss at and provide the following information:

  • Details about your organization or institution (e.g., name, location, website)
  • Details about your interest in developing a summer academy with the OCI 
  • Proposed academy area or topic
  • Proposed academy audience/attendees
  • Approximate date and duration of proposed summer academy

We look forward to hearing from you!