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About the UK OCI's Summer Language Academy

The Summer Language Academy offers students opportunities to develop and strengthen their English speaking, writing, and listening skills, while also experiencing American culture.  The next Summer Language Academy will take place in Summer 2018 with exact dates to be determined. Please check back as we will post these dates soon! 


  • Kathryn T. Bliss, OCI Coordinator,
  • Cost: $4,000-$4,300
  • Camp Location: Lexington, Ky.
  • East Coast Tour includes visit to Boston and NYC!

During this academy, students will take the following courses:

  • English Essay Writing Course 
    • Professors from the UK English Language Department will present lessons tailored to Chinese students to help them improve their level of written English. This class will help students develop skills useful for completing American university applications.
  • English Speaking Course
    • Oral (spoken) English is another important part of applying to American universities, with oral interviews often a part of the entrance process. Stronger spoken English will not only help students with their studies in American universities, it will also allow them to understand more about American culture.  
  • Audited UK Lectures 
    • Academy students will attend UK classes with American students. These classes typically include Astronomy, Economics, and Mathematics during the two weeks on campus. 

Academy Cultural Activities

  • Partnering with UK Students for On-Campus Activities 
  • Horse Riding at the Kentucky Horse Park 
  • Attending the Kentucky State Fair Horse Show 
  • Watching a Lexington Legend's Baseball Game 
  • Enjoying KY Cuisine at a Cookout on a Local Horse Farm     

The East Coast Tour

At the conclusion of the UK OCI Summer Language Academy, students will go on a tour of the East Coast of the United States. During the tour to Boston and New York City, they will visit the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, and Columbia University. Students will also experience the life and sites of both of these famous U.S. cities.  

Summer Language Academy Fee

Fee: $4,000-$4,300  

This fee includes tuition, accommodations, meals, transportation in KY, admission tickets in KY, flight to Boston, East Coast Tour, and a commission charge.