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Support STSG

$5 / MONTH

Provide fluoride treatment for 3 children

$10 / MONTH

Cure anemia for one child

$15 / MONTH

Two cervical screenings for women in the community

$20 / MONTH

Cover 5 unique visits to a physician

$25 / MONTH

Clean water for one family in the community

What you can do!

Your donation provides health and education to an impoverished community while giving Kentucky students a unique, transformative educational experience. Your gift helps to keep the experience affordable to students while providing quality health care to the inhabitants of Santo Domingo, Ecuador.  

How to Donate Online: 

1) Visit
2) Click "Donate" 
3) Select gift amount 
4) Choose donation frequency: one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually. 
5) Click "Donate." 

How to Donate by Check: 

Mail a check to the address below, payable to UK-STSG.

Shoulder to Shoulder Global 
UK International Center 
102 Bradley Hall 
Lexington, KY 40506-0058 

Thank you for your generosity. Your donation makes a difference to so many.