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About Molly McMahon

Molly completed her undergraduate degree at Miami University (OH) in International Studies and French language, which included a semester study and internship abroad program in Southwestern France.  After graduating, she moved to Boston, MA to work for a non-profit international internship provider; and later, she moved to Cape Town, South Africa to pursue her master’s degree at the University of Cape Town. She completed a master’s degree in Climate Change & Sustainable Development and wrote her thesis on ethical consumption in Global South, with a specific focus on how students in Cape Town understand and express ethics through their everyday food and grocery shopping choices. She joined the UK Education Abroad team in September 2016 as the Curriculum Integration Coordinator and Advisor for the Colleges of Design, Fine Arts, Communication & Information, and Engineering. She enjoys reading, traveling, and eating (not a foodie, just an eater). Her most rewarding travel experiences have been her first solo trip where she explored Namibia for a week (and met the lighting and sound engineers for a Boyz II Men tour), camping at the foot of an extinct volcano in Iceland, and serving with UK students on an Alternative Service Break to Nicaragua.   Her best travel/packing advice is to always pack a raincoat (even for the desert) and to never ask what’s in a dish before you try it.