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Customize a Program

UK Education Abroad & Exchanges (UK EA) partners with reputable affiliate organizations that can customize an education abroad program for you and your students. Their support complements your student learning objectives and enhances your program with culturally-engaging and academically-enriching experiences.  

Developing Your Program

When you customize a program, you determine the academic content and student learning objectives. Do you have a specific location in mind? Not a problem. Have a program in mind but not sure what location would be appropriate? Also not a problem. You can work with UK EA and our partners to explore itinerary options based on your academic objectives. 

UK EA will work with you to select a partner to customize your program based on academic fit and cost. UK EA manages the contractual agreement with the partner and builds your program budget and individual student fee. 

Before Your Program Begins

Faculty customizing programs will have additional promotion and recruitment support from their affiliate partners. This may include customized marketing materials, promotion on social media and assistance with classroom presentations or info sessions. 

Affiliate partners will also help you prepare students for travel, from providing pre-departure orientation sessions to supporting any necessary travel documents (i.e. visas). In some cases, partners can send a representative to campus to meet with and your students in person.  

While Abroad

Our affiliate partners have overseas staff ready to receive you and your students on site. They will be handling on site logistical arrangements, such as airport pick-up, lodging, ground transportation, excursions, guest lecturers, etc. 

Our affiliated partners also maintain a robust framework of student health, safety, security and behavioral support. They are trained and experienced with effectively addressing on site student emergencies.

After Your Program Ends   

After you all have returned, our partners administer program evaluations to ensure ongoing improvement and assessment of their support. You will have an opportunity to provide your feedback, in addition to reviewing student feedback about the program.