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About Zengxiang Yang

Mr. Zengxiang Yang graduated with a BS in Electronic Engineering from the Shanghai Universityof Science and Technology in July 1984. He completed the MA Program of CommunicationEngineering at Shanghai University from Sept. 2000 to July 2003. He also studied English andWestern Culture at the University of Westminster in London from Oct.1993 to Oct. 1994, andreceived a Diploma. He was promoted to lecturer at the Shanghai University of Science andTechnology in October of 1991, and has been promoted to Senior Administrator by ShanghaiUniversity since August 2010.Mr. Yang Zengxiang has served more than 33 years at several universities. He first served as aninstructor, later becoming a lecturer and “International Students Coordinator” at the ShanghaiUniversity of Science and Technology from July 1984 to October1993. He was the Director of theInternational Students Office at Shanghai University from Oct.1994 to April 2008. He worked asan “exchange faculty” in the Chinese Studies Department of Soka University in Tokyo, Japan fromMarch 2001 to September 2001. He was appointed “Chinese Director” at the Confucius Instituteat University College of Cork, Ireland by Hanban in March 2008 and served in this position untilSeptember 2010. He was promoted to Senior Staff Member at Shanghai University as the “Deputy Dean of the International Office of Shanghai University” in August 2010. Mr. Yang wasappointed as the “Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Kentucky” byHanban in July 2012, starting in October 2012.Mr. Yang has served in International Affairs at educational institutions for more than 28 years, andhas more than ten years’ teaching and research experience in higher education institutes. Hisarea of interest in research lies in Comparative Studies in International Educational Policy andComparative Studies in Contemporary Diversity Culture, as well as Chinese Learning andTeaching abroad.