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UKIC Creative Brief

Completing the creative brief form below when assigning a project is an efficient way to provide all of the pertinent information to your project manager and creative team. With clear and concise communication with your creative team member, you can ultimately shorten the time it takes to complete a project.

Once you submit this form, a member of the Marketing & Communications team will reach out to you to confirm receipt and follow up with any other questions or brief edits. Once approved by the client, the team member will generate a Meistertask card (our project management system) where the creative brief will be attached and the project will be tracked until finished.

For questions about this form or a recent submission, please contact Andrea Gils and mention the project name.


Contact Information

Project Details



Goals & Messaging

Check all that apply. Choosing specific characteristics of the UK/UKIC brand to highlight will help you communicate with a consistent voice.
Please include any other details we should consider/be aware of to complete this piece. You can also include known opportunities and/or challenges. E.g. benchmark institutions are doing similar events and we want to catch up; UK students are on break or have finals during X period.

Digital Needs

Print Needs


Video Needs

Please select all that apply.