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Student Testimonials

Endras Fadhilah

Fadhilah, who is from Jakarta, Indonesia, said one thing that interested her about attending UK was the many different opportunities available for students. Through her involvement, Fadhilah has realized her potential as a leader and role model. “I’ve always wanted to contribute and be useful as much as possible in every community I’m in because I believe that every one of us is a social creature and we always need each other for support,” Fadhilah said. Check her story out here.

Esias Bedingar

A native French-speaker from Chad, Bedingar did not study English in high school. But within just one semester, he completed the English as a Second Language program at UK and three and a half years later, Bedingar is finishing his undergraduate degree with plans to attend Harvard this fall. "I want to be that kind of doctor that understands his patients and also understands how health works in a community," Bedingar said. "Public health and neuroscience are very different worlds. Combining those two worlds helped and challenged me mentally and because of that I felt academically prepared. I think that's the combination that got me to Harvard." To read more about his story click here.

Tiffany Molina

Growing up, Tiffany Molina dreamed of becoming a doctor. From going on medical brigades to shadowing doctors, her future seemed set. That was until she began the pre-med track at UK that this dream started to change. While taking an economics class for her newly-declared equine science major, Molina soon also discovered she had a passion for business. She then made her next big decision by adding a second degree in business management. Molina said she hopes all students will be fearless in the pursuit of what they want in life, even if they have to make a few changes along the way. To read more about her story click here

Austin Hoatiang

Austin Hoatiang, a business management major from Beijing, says his dream became true when he was given the opportunity to attend the University of Kentucky. He reflects on how the Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky and the University of Kentucky International Center helped him feel part of a family, make lots of international friends and explained to us the Chinese student experience.

Tien Pham

Tien Pham, an international student from Vietnam, reflects on her experiences adapting to a new culture, being mentored by some of her professors and finding a sense of community on campus!