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Additional Resources

Virtual Campus Tour 
UK’s campus is full of history. See and learn about the campus and its facilities by using the virtual campus tour. 

Campus Map 
The campus map shows the layout of the university and can be very useful for navigation around campus. The map is interactive; you can zoom in on locations and search for buildings by name and type. 

Majors Offered at UK 
UK offers more than 200 possible majors. See which area of study is right for you by using this link to browse different majors, minors and professional programs. 

Academic Scholarships 
The University of Kentucky offers scholarships to students of academic merit who possess the potential to become outstanding scholars. This link can direct you to the different scholarship opportunities for UK students, be they of the incoming, current, transfer or non-traditional variety. 

University Housing 
Use this link to see housing units available for undergraduates, graduate students and conferences. Click on one of those three options to view relevant application forms and information about housing policies and rates. 

UK Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) 
The Center for English as a Second Language at UK provides non-native English speakers with a high-quality education that enables language proficiency for social, professional and academic purposes. Participants can enroll in an intensive program, a semi-intensive program or, in some cases, specialty programs. 

Health Care, Health Insurance, and Immunizations 
Use this link to find basic information about health related recommendations. 

UK International Hospitality Program 
The IHP pairs international students with American students to promote cross cultural exchange. An IHP host will include their international student in recreational and social activity, whether it come in the form of a mall trip, a hiking adventure, or a ride to the airport. 

Academic Enhancement  (The Study at The University of Kentucky) 
Located in The Study, Academic Enhancement is a centralized academic unit responsible for programs and services for students, faculty, and staff.  With a multidimensional staff—faculty, students, various professionals—Academic  Enhancement works to promote effective learning strategies inside and outside of the classroom for UK students. 

UK Writing Center 
Want to write a better paper (or make a better PowerPoint)? The UK writing center offers assistance, for free, with the composition of essay prose and other media, including posters, slideshows and videos. 

UK Office of Undergraduate Research 
This office is the starting point for any undergraduate who wishes to pursue mentored research at UK. 

UK Career Services 
The James W. Stuckert Career Center exists to serve students, alumni, and employers with high-level career education programs and provide students with work-based experience and employment opportunities. 

Living in Lexington (Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau) 
Learn all about Lexington—what to do, where to eat, how to travel. The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau is an excellent resource for anyone coming to Lexington for the first time or, even, current residents who wish to find out more about the goings-on in Kentucky’s second largest city. 


U.S. Government Offices  and Related Resources 

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) 
USCIS is the key agency for international students that wish to study in the US. With over 250 offices worldwide, the agency is charged with processing all lawful immigration to the United States. 

U.S. Customs: Filling Out Form I-94  
Visit the US Customs, or CBP, website for information about the I-94 form—the form required for non-immigrant visa-holding visitors. 

U.S. Department of State  
Use this link to access the US Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA), a subsidiary of the State Department responsible for handling passports and visas. 

U.S. Department of Labor 
The Labor Department is the chief US agency for dealing with labor-related issues. Included in its organization is the US Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB). 

Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs.( U.S. Department of State) 
Through this link you can view educational opportunities for international students, including exchange programs, offered by the US State Department. 

U.S. Embassies/Consulates Abroad 
You can access the websites of various US embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions by using this State Department link. 

Foreign Embassies/Consulates in the U.S. 
A complete and official list of all foreign consular offices in the United States, and other recognized consular officers, for the convenience of persons who must deal with consular government agencies. 

U.S. Social Security Administration 
The official website of the US Social Security Administration that provides resources for replacing a Social Security Card, checking Social Security Application Status, forms for Social Security and among other things, Social Security services provided online. 

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 
Provides tax forms, displays various options for paying taxes and supplies valuable information on tax refunds. 

American Immigration Lawyers Association 
A database of the national association of over 11, 000 attorneys and law professors who practice and teach immigration law. AILA members represent US families and foreign students often on a pro bono basis.