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International Transfer Student Scholarships

     Scholarship            Award   Minimum GPA    ACT/ SAT (M+CR)      Priority Deadline      How to Apply
William C. Parker Belonging Scholarship Program $2,500 2.50 Not Required June 15
  • Apply for admission by June 15
  • Complete the William C. Parker Belonging Scholarship application and provide supporting details
    • Factors considered in the holistic evaluation of applicants include their contribution to diversity, grades, essay, work experience, extracurricular activities, awards and recognition, and community service.
  • Must be an undergraduate transfer student entering UK for the first time, with 24 transfer credit hours earned
  • This is a one-year, non-renewable award.
  • Awards will be based on the applicant’s ranking within the competitive pool.
  • For more details on this scholarship click here.
International Ambassador* $3,000 - $16,000 2.50 Considered May 15
  • Must be an international undergraduate freshman or transfer student on an F-1 visa
  • Complete this form, which includes:
    • Name and date of birth as it appears in your passport
    • Student ID number (look for the admission letter)
    • One-page essay describing how you could serve as a student ambassador to the university, plus any experiences you have in leadership & volunteerism
    • One letter of recommendation
Transfer Achievement*  $4,000 3.00  N/A June 15
  • Apply for admission by June 15
  • Must be an international undergraduate transfer student
Trustees ~$8,000 3.5 N/A June 15
  • Apply for admission by June 15
  • Two-year renewable awards that covers the difference between UK in-state tuition and KCTCS in-state tuition
  • Must be an international undergraduate transfer student currently enrolled in KCTCS 
  • Note: If awarded, this will replace an academic scholarship.
Phi Theta Kappa ~$15,000 3.5 N/A June 15
  • Must be a member of Phi Theta Kappa
  • Applicants must be a PTK member in good standing and have at least 48 credit hours completed prior to transferring.


*Students who qualify for in-state tuition are ineligible for these scholarships.

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