Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty & Staff Resources

Internationalization at UK

The University of Kentucky will be recognized worldwide for excellence in teaching, research and service. UK will provide the support needed to ensure that all members of the UK community can be engaged effectively in international education and research. Every student will develop a broad international perspective through curricular, co-curricular, on-campus and/or off-campus experiences.

Engage in International Research

Research crosses boundaries and borders. The best ideas, the most transformative science, the freshest art, can come from anywhere. The UK International Center supports faculty in doing research outside the U.S., building partnerships and strengthening global professional networks.

Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad is an incredibly enjoyable and professionally rewarding opportunity. UK Education Abroad is eager to partner with faculty members to develop innovative programming that engages students in understanding their disciplines within a broader, international context.

Internationalize Your Teaching

A university education, no matter what the field, needs to integrate learning that helps students become globally-aware, and globally-competent. A globalized curriculum is a strengthened curriculum and one that aligns with the realities of our inter-connected and diverse world.