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Student Interest Groups

Global Health Alliance

The Global Health Alliance (formerly International Federation of Medical Students' Association) is an interprofessional group of students interested in global health issues. The students hold an annual art auction benefit for Shoulder to Shoulder each year along with service projects in the community.  

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CONMIGO is an inter-professional organization for future healthcare professionals who have an interest in understanding the context of providing healthcare to the Hispanic/Latino population. As an organization, we will broaden our scope of practice through attaining language skills, understanding the barriers to healthcare and becoming culturally competent providers.

The group’s interests are split between organizing and volunteering in community outreach projects, and organizing events and opportunities for members to be exposed to both the language and culture of this community.  In addition to regular meetings, small conversation groups of all levels meet for coffee and to practice speaking Spanish. 

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Shoulder to Shoulder Global Student Association

Shoulder to Shoulder Global is an organization created within the University of Kentucky which incorporates other academic and community partners and seeks to improve the health and well-being of impoverished and underserved communities globally. The initial focus of STSG has been in Santo Domingo, Ecuador, where we have a year-round health clinic. While providing primary care for this community, STSG also is working with the community to improve education, public health, access to safe water and to improve economic opportunities. STSG seeks to provide and promote educational, service and research opportunities for all partners involved.

Mission for the Student Association: The student association will support the global organization by doing local volunteer work and fundraising. The proceeds of all fundraising events will be used in funding the student association, providing some supplies to the clinic in Ecuador and giving scholarships to any qualified students who is going to Ecuador. 

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