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Research in Global Health

Global health is an increasingly important and active area of research. Such research allows for the expansion and implementation of the guiding principles behind global health practices, including the improvement of health and health equities for all people worldwide.  

Contact Information:

If you would like to explore possibilities for global health research at the University of Kentucky, please email Dr. Melody Ryan at

International Research Sub-committee

Global Health Research is an initiative under the College of Medicine at the University of Kentucky. The Research Sub-committee of the College's International Committee aims to enhance health-related research across borders of the United States, and assist medical students who are interested in international collaborations of biomedical research.   

Specifically, we aim to: 

  1. Inform potential students on global health research projects and credits for research experience 
  1. Match research interests between faculty and students 
  1. Facilitate international research and related funding opportunities 


International Research Sub-committee (Faculty Members): 

  • Matthew L. Bush, M.D., FACS,
    • Vice Chair for Research & Associate Professor, Division of Otology, Neurotology, and Cranial Base Surgery (Co-Chair) 
  • Yang Jiang, Ph.D., 
    • Associate Professor, Behavioral Science (Co-Chair) 
  • Lumy Sawaki, M.D., Ph.D., 
    • Associate Professor, Cardinal Hill Endowed Scholar/Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
  • Brittany Smalls, Ph.D., MPHS,
    • Assistant Professor, Center for Health Services Research