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GH Lecture Series


The Global Health lectures are campus-wide events encouraging the University community to attend and to foster the development of global health research locally and with partner institutions. These lectures strive to highlight multidisciplinary experts in global health who can share their experiences and engage in discussion and debate with faculty, staff and students. The lectures are free and open to the public. Future global health lectures are currently being organized and will be announced accordingly. 

The Global Health Initiative of the University of Kentucky is focused on advancing research, educational programs, and service learning for our faculty and students, with the goal of improving the health of people throughout the world and promoting health equity. 


Previous lecturers include:

  • Joseph O'Neill, MD, MPH, MS
    • Palliative Care in a World of Hurt
  • Hiram C. Polk, Jr., MD
    • Gun Violence: Kentucky 2017
  • Javier F. Sevilla Martir, MD
    • Hispanic Health in the Global Health Context: The ENLACE Experience
  • Calvin Wilson, MD, Associate Professor (retd.)
    • The Case of Rwanda: Health System Development in a Traumatized Country
  • Beth E. Barnes, Ph.D.
    • Fighting HIV and AIDS in Zambia
  • Alfred Sommer, MD
    • Health: Our Behavior and Our Environment


  • 2020's "No One is Safe Until Everyone is Safe": The Interconnectedness of the World in the COVID Vaccination Era
    • Topics covered include the vaccination status of the world, why mutants matter, vaccine diplomacy and lessons from other vaccination campaigns
    • Listen to the recording here: