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Global Health Initiatives Book Club

Open Up to the World of Global Health

Join globally minded faculty, staff, students and community members and engage in global health thought without needing to get on a plane. Participants will read at their own pace, have support from the Office of Global Health Initiatives (GHI) and be able to discuss the book with fellow readers at their choice of an in-person or virtual small group event.


Fall 2022 Book

Bring the world of global health to Kentucky as we discuss, “Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World ” by Tracy Kidder


Suggested Reading Schedule:

  • By September 30, read to Part II
  • By October 14, read to Part III
  • By October 28, read to Part IV
  • By November 11, read to the end

Target Audience:

Anyone interested in the physical and mental aspects of global health and Kentucky's connection, both physically and mentally, to issues worldwide. Mountains Beyond Mountains chronicles the life of physician, anthropologist and humanitarian Paul Farmer, with a focus on his efforts in the areas of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

“I think Farmer taps into a universal anxiety and also into a fundamental place in some troubled consciences, into what he calls "ambivalence," the often unacknowledged uneasiness that some of the fortunate feel about their place in the world, the thing he once told me he designed his life to avoid. -Tracy Kidder

 "I feel ambivalent about selling my services in a world where some can't buy them." - Paul Farmer, Part 1, Chapter 3 

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