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Our Story

International students and scholars often refer to the International Center as their home away from home.  International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) strives to provide leadership, raise awareness of global issues and support our international student and scholar community.  We welcome students, faculty and staff from around the world to the University of Kentucky.  ISSS team members have personally and professionally traveled, lived and worked outside of the U.S.  We know what it’s like to be you!   

ISSS will be here when you arrive and when you graduate and many other milestones along the way.  We will be proud of you when you are featured in UKNow, win an award or land that amazing job or research opportunity.   We are the folks who get excited to learn about a new student representing a flag we haven’t seen hanging on the 2nd floor Bradley Hall windows for several years.    

We also seek to work with all of the colleges on campus to assist international students and scholars to achieve their academic goals at the university.  We support and welcome students and scholars during their transitions from home country life to life in Lexington, KY.