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CESL Health Coverage

Health Coverage is Required

At the University of Kentucky health coverage is mandatory for all F-1, J-1 and J-2 students.    

Health coverage is very important.  UK requires all international students (on an F-1, J-1, or J-2 visa) to have qualifying health coverage.  CESL students that indicate that they do not already have a qualifying health plan, will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Plan (SHP).  You do not need to fill out any forms to enroll in SHP. 

During the CESL orientation you will complete an agreement form that indicates that you understand that you must have health coverage and that once the SHP office completes your enrollment into the health plan, your tuition account will be charged for the cost of the plan (see rates below).  Students will need to be sure to check their account and pay for health plan premium as it may not be posted at the same time as tuition charges.


  • If you have questions about the health coverage, please contact the UK Student Health Plan (SHP) Office at or (859) 218-3208

How do I get my health plan identification (ID) card?

You will not receive an ID card in the mail.  About two weeks after you enroll in courses, ID cards are available through an online account with the health plan services site.  You can go to or download the Sydney App to create your account. For detailed instructions on how to obtain your ID card, please review the quick links section on the Academic Health Plans website: If you have any questions, call Anthem at 844-412-0752. 

Understand Your Plan

In the United States, having health coverage does not make all medical services free.  It is your responsibility to understand your health coverage.  Read more about your plan at  Call the customer service department at 1-855-856-2385 with your questions or email the UK Student Health Plan (SHP) SHP Office at for assistance.

This process is only for students in the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL)

CESL Mandatory Health Coverage Survey Process

UK Undergraduate and Graduate students, should see the health coverage website for degree-seeking students.  

Benefit Verification Process 
Students who indicate that they have health coverage through their government sponsor, employer, or exchange organization must submit the completed Benefit Verification Form to by the deadline (10 days after classes begin).  If the Benefit Verification Form is not submitted by the deadline, students will be automatically enrolled in UK Student Health Plan (SHP) 

UK Student Health Plan (SHP) Rates 
Below please see the breakdown of costs per period.  These rates cannot be pro-rated.

  Fall 1 Fall 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1
  8/15/2022 10/16/2022 10/17/2022 12/31/2022 1/1/2023  3/15/2023 3/16/2023  6/15/2023 6/16/2023  8/14/2023
Student Only $457.00 $553.00 $538.00 $669.00 $437.00
Student & Spouse $914.00 $1,106.00 $1,076.00 $1,338.00 $874.00
Student & Child $914.00 $1,106.00 $1,076.00 $1,338.00 $874.00
Student & Children $1,371.00 $1,659.00 $1,614.00 $2,007.00 $1,311.00
Student & Spouse & Child $1,371.00 $1,659.00 $1,614.00 $2,007.00 $1,311.00
Student & Spouse & Children $1,828.00 $2,212.00 $2,152.00 $2,676.00 $1,748.00

F-2 and J-2 Dependent Health Plan Enrollment

If Dependents on F-2 status would like to enroll in UK Student Health Plan (SHP), please contact the UK Student Health Plan (SHP) Office at, within 10 days after classes begin. 

Dependents on J-2 status and not enrolled in classes will need to purchase their insurance directly from the provider by enrolling online with the provider at  Proof of coverage will be required to maintain immigration status.