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CESL Vacation Break Request

To qualify for a vacation break, a student must: 

  • Complete 4 terms in a row with the Center for ESL 
  • Plan to return to the Center for ESL  for the following term* 

*Students must be academically eligible to return to the Center for ESL’s program, and their I-20 must be valid for their return.  If the student’s I-20 will expire during a vacation break, the student must request an I-20 extension BEFORE their vacation break request will be considered.  

If a student does not meet the above requirements, they can withdraw from the Center for ESL for a term.  By withdrawing: 

  • The student’s SEVIS record and I-20 will be terminated for authorized early withdrawal 
  • Student must leave the U.S. within 15 days of their withdrawal 

To withdraw, submit a Departure Form in iCAT.

Government-sponsored students - the ISSS Office is required to tell your sponsor when you take a vacation break/withdraw.  If you take a break/withdraw without your sponsor's permission, this may impact your scholarship/sponsorship.