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International Student Leadership Team

What is ISLT?

The International Student Leadership Team works with ISSS and other departments to develop and promote events and programs for international and domestic students. With a variety of cultural, academic and social events, ISLT provides an environment to build a sense of belonging at UK. Get involved on campus by attending an ISLT event or contacting someone on our team. For more information, please email Seth Hall ( 

Ari Almeida

Home Country: Brazil

Major: Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Graduation Date: Spring 2025

Languages: Portuguese and English

What I love about UK: I love the freedom to choose interesting classes and that there’s always something going on.

New Student Tip: Go to as many events as you can, explore the city, hang out with your friends. Never pass on opportunities to engage with different people.

Jason Amitaye

Home Country: Nigeria

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Date: Fall 2025

Languages: English, Yoruba, Delta and Edo

What I love about UK: I love how UK is a very diverse school with a lot of opportunities for you to figure out who you want to be, helping you develop and grow in life, make good career choices and most importantly - I love how UK always has the best interest of their students at heart.

New Student Tip: Make use of all the chances and opportunities that UK has to offer because they are essential.

Julia Mansur Cardoso

Home Country: Brazil

Major: Management and International Business

Graduation Date: Spring 2024

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English

What I love about UK: I love our international community and all the involvement opportunities on campus.

New Student Tip: Talk to your professors, get involved and have fun!

Karolina Kopyonkina

Home Country: Ukraine

Major: Neuroscience

Graduation Date: Fall 2022

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English

What I love about UK: I love that UK truly cares about their students and puts them first. This helps every student feel welcome and loved, especially the international students that are far away from home and their families.

New Student Tip: Don't be afraid to make your voice heard and try new things!

Kuhan Rajendran

Home Country: Malaysia

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Date: Fall 2022

Languages: English, Tamil, Malay, Mandarin and Indonesian

What I love about UK: The fact that UK, especially UK’s International Center,  cares so much about the well-being of international students who are studying abroad from thousands of miles away simply touches my heart.

New Student Tip: Never hesitate to reach out to anyone if you need help, people here are always willing to help you with your needs. Also, join clubs that interest you!

Manuela Blanco

Home Country: Colombia

Major: Business and Organizational Communication and Integrated Strategic Communication

Graduation Date: Spring 2025

Languages: Spanish and English

What I love about UK: I love the community! I am a strong believer that what makes a place special is the people. Here at UK there's always someone making you feel at home.

New Student Tip: Just be yourself. College is a chapter of your life where you can express who you are and meet people that understand you, take advantage of this! Learn as much as you can and always be true to who you are.

Thapelo Molefhi

Home Country: Botswana

Major: Kinesiology

Graduation Date: Spring 2025

Languages: Setswana and English

What I love about UK: The International community here is extremely welcoming. We are like one big family with brothers and sisters from all over. It allows for sharing and exchange of cultures through meaningful dialogue and activities. It is a home away from home.

New Student Tip: Be free! Do not be afraid to go out to events and other campus activities. This is the best way to branch out and get to know people and make new friends.

Tracey Sun

Home Country: New Zealand

Major: Architecture

Graduation Date: Spring 2023

Languages: Mandarin and English

What I love about UK: I love that UK has such a close knit international community.

New Student Tip: Join lots of clubs and get involved as much as you can.