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Other UK Resources

There are many UK resources that will help you make the most of your time as a student

Writing Center 

  • Get help with the with the process of composing and communicating in all media, including essays, reports, posters, visuals, websites, slide presentations, and videos right in the W. T. Library. 

Counseling Center 

  • Psychological counseling is available to every UK student, visit the counseling center and learn to balance a healthy attitude between work, family, and academics. 

Academic Complaints 

  • Report any complaints or suggestions about your academic experiences Academic Ombud Services.  

Disability Resource Center 

  • Receive assistance and support if you have a documented physical, learning, or temporary disability. Students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of UK. 

Community of Concern 

  • This office is part of the University's commitment to proactively addressing issues of concern involving students.  

Student Organizations 

  • Discover what student organizations the University of Kentucky has to offer, from Sororities and Fraternities to interest clubs. 

Wildcat Wheels 

  • Repair your bike or receive a bike absolutely free for your own use as a UK student. 

Student Activities Board 

  • Get involved with the events hosted by the Student Activities Board. Events vary from movie nights at Memorial hall to various multicultural events. 

Student Government 

  • Become involved or communicate with the University of Kentucky’s Student Government  to increase student influence over academic policies. 

Martin Luther King Center 

  • Attend events that help you connect with the UK community. Learn how to communicate and broaden your horizons. 

Violence, Intervention & Prevention 

  • The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center works with students to help eliminate sexual assault, partner violence and stalking on the University of Kentucky campus. 

Student Legal Service 

  • Free legal service is available to students through UK Student Government. Do not make the mistake of making a legal decision without consultation.  

Academic Success 

  • Get information and advice on the academic services offer at the University of Kentucky to achieve academic success. 

Campus Safety 

  • Discover what resources you can use to help make your UK experience a safer one. 

Parking & Transportation 

  • Learn about parking options and other alternatives of transportation that the University supports and provides.