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GoinGlobal Career Source

GoinGlobal provides educational resources to help all UK students pursue a global workplace career whether it’s inside the U.S. or abroad. Students will learn about career opportunities, internships, hiring trends, networking associations and even cost of living in the global marketplace.

GoinGlobal’s Country and Global City Guides provide valuable information and resources for students. Students will be challenged to consider that living and working in another country is not something completely out of reach. GoinGlobal is a leader in providing “insider” information and resources. University career centers agree that there is no other single resource with such visibility and reach among college campuses.


Key Features

  • Job search tools - online and face-to- face resources

  • Employment trends in major industries - learn more about growing industry areas and focus your job or internship search!

  • Executive recruiters and staffing agency contacts - great contacts for students and alumni/professional job seekers

  • Professional associations and networking opportunities globally

  • Work permit regulations - clearly explains the important details for international students and professional job seekers

  • Salary ranges and cost of living data - take the guesswork out of planning for career moves and relocations

  • Professional and social networking groups - get a head start on making connections for career development

  • Résumé/CV writing guidelines

  • Interviewing and cultural advice for cities and countries around the globe

  • A My GoinGlobal personalized account and homepage to help you bookmark individual job, internship and employer profile listings so you can find them again


1. How do I access GoinGlobal?

Students can gain access by clicking on this special GoinGlobal web link which will direct you to enter your link blue credentials. Once you enter the link blue credentials you will automatically be redirected to the GoinGlobal resource homepage.

2. Can I access this from home?

Yes, as long as you remain an active enrolled UK student with valid link blue account you can use GoinGlobal anywhere.

3. The system kicked me out of the web page and it’s saying I need an account. The system will lock you out due to inactivity.

Don’t worry. You can get back to the GoinGlobal web link and reenter your link blue credentials to be redirected to the homepage.

4. How can I learn best practices for using GoinGlobal and maximizing my search abilities?

GoinGlobal offers multiple training sessions each month. Just click on the Using GoinGlobal and select Training Webinars found on the right-hand side of the home page.

5. Do I need to create a GoinGlobal account?

While it’s not required to have a personal account, many students find it useful in saving searches, receiving new job alerts, bookmarking favorite pages and customizing your own home page. You can create an account easily if you have a Facebook, Twitter or Google account already.