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Faculty Training and Development Programs


The University of Kentucky (UK) is proud to partner with universities around the world in the area of faculty development. The University of Kentucky International Center offers customized faculty development and training programs designed to meet the needs of our partners.

Programs can be designed for short, intensive, immersive experiences that sharpen faculty members' skills, or longer programs that permit visiting faculty members to be embedded in UK departments and develop deeper relationships with UK peers and mentors. 

Programs to Suit Different Needs

Faculty Development and Training Program content and formats can be tailored to your objectives. From one-on-one coaching, to workshops and courses, we can design a program that suits the needs of our partner universities.

We can work with partners to apply for funding from agencies in their home country to support their faculty participation in UK Faculty Development and Training Programs

Mix & Match Program Components

  • English language (general)
  • English language for teaching (technical, tailored to discipline and specialty)
  • Latest techniques in teaching and learning, including course design, classroom management, student engagement, curriculum development, innovative pedagogies, assessment methods, and inclusive teaching and learning
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Introduction to US universities
  • Introduction to US culture and everyday life (this can be specific to UK and Kentucky or include tours to other parts of the US)
  • Discipline-specific teaching and/or research mentorships by renowned UK faculty

Optional Support Services

  • Immigration services (advising about and facilitating appropriate visa status)
  • Orientation programming
  • Housing (securing on/off-campus housing that fits the program's needs & budget)
  • Travel and airport pick-up arrangements
  • Access to UK Libraries, health coverage, medical facilities and other resources
  • On-campus office space 


For more information about tailor-made Faculty Training and Developing Program please contact: 

Sue Roberts, Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Internationalization 

University of Kentucky International Center | WeChat ID: sueroberts

Program Spotlight

A recent program designed for a top-ranked Chinese university brought 8 faculty from our partner university to spend a full semester (16 weeks) at the University of Kentucky.

  • Intensive English language course (3 times a week for 9 hours) with a dedicated expert instructor
  • Teaching and learning workshops focused on developing innovative and effective teaching strategies (3 times a week for 4.5 hours) and paired the visiting faculty with individual UK faculty for one-on-one consultations and coaching
  • Regular classroom observations and mentoring with a UK faculty in the same academic field as the visiting faculty
  • Cultural programming introducing visiting faculty to Kentucky, US culture, and local sites and facilities relevant to their areas of academic specialization


Interested in one of our programs? Email Sue Roberts at

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The University of Kentucky International Center is the central office facilitating and supporting international research, teaching and service. The International Center staff are trained professionals who are well-prepared to design and manage innovative Faculty Development and Training Programs.

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