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Hear from Our Faculty

"It was a very meaningful trip for me as well. This effort has enriched my work and personal lives and I am grateful that Claudia (Hopenhayn), who invited me to get involved in 2007. I love being able to share this experience as an educator and physical therapist."

Lynn English, PT, MSEd, Assoc Prof, Health Science

"Nothing reinforces education like the opportunity to put what you have read about into action. Students enjoy exercising their abilities under supervision to needy populations in Ecuador. Practice leads to confidence and a feeling of self-worth.

Ershal Harrison, RPH, DMD, Assist.Prof., Dentistry

"I feel lucky to be a member of this group and the organization as a whole. We should all strive to maintain this level of inspiration and service in all facets of our lives, whenever possible. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in such meaningful work."

Audrey Johnson, DPT, College of Health Sciences