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Faculty Teach in China Program at Sichuan University


To strengthen collaborative teaching and research between the University of Kentucky and Chinese universities, the UK Confucius Institute and UK Office of China Initiatives (OCI) sends selected UK faculty to Sichuan University to teach at the UK Education Week at Sichuan University for three weeks in May. Faculty are invited to apply to teach courses from a wide variety of disciplines. 



Important Information

  • Program Dates: June 28 - July 11, 2020

  • Responsibilities: Instruct eight class hours twice a week for two weeks for a 16-hour, 1-credit course.

  • Program admits will also participate in additional activities provided by department and university.

  • Application Deadline: March 1, 2020

Program Details

Program Details

Fifteen UK faculty from various disciplines will be selected to teach in this program. The program will take place on the campus of Sichuan University, located in Chengdu, China.


Teaching Responsibility

- Length: Three weeks, not including travel time

- Teaching hours:  12 hours (SCU students earn 1 credit)

- Program Requirements:

  • Two Weeks: June 28, 2020 - July 11, 2020 (Travel time not included)
    • 8-hour classes per week for two weeks (16 classes total; SCU students earn 1 credit)
    • Each class hour is about 45 minutes, 10 minutes break between 2 class hours;
  • Give a presentation or organize a workshop in your research area; 
  • Participate in SCU-organized activities;
  • Collaborate with a SCU faculty member on a research plan 


Program Subjects

All courses are intended to be General Education courses for primarily sophomore & junior undergraduate students. All courses should be taught in English. Suggested courses include but not limited to the following areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  2. Literature and Arts: Cultivate the humanistic and artistic quality of students by reading classic literature and by appreciation of artistic work.
  3. History and Culture: Understand the origin of human civilization and development; Think about the human phenomena and civilization to cultivate analysis skill and global perspective.
  4. Philosophy and Wisdom: Foster independent and critical thinking, reasoning ability and appropriate values.
  5. Language and Communication: Study the communication skill, expand interpersonal relationship and improve the organization skill.
  6. Citizen and Society: Cultivate citizen awareness and qualities of leaders.
  7. Market economy and strategic management: Understand the relationship between economy, management, and people’s lifestyle to adapt to the modern society.
  8. Globalization and social development: Analyze the economic and social phenomenon to understand the economic and financial policy and to adapt to the diversified society.Natural evolution and life care: Understand the natural evolution and biology evolution, explore the meaning of life and care for life.
  9. Technological progress and human development: Understand the motive of human development and have the spirit of exploration.
  10. Technological innovation and scientific method: Explore the development and influence of the natural science, life science, and engineering science. Study the methods of knowledge organization, analysis and discovery of the world.
  11. Other subjects not mentioned above.

Application Process

Applicants should fill out the form (click here) no later than the application deadline. Complete applications include:

  • A complete application form
  • A complete Dean’s recommendation form (click HERE to download)
  • Applicant resume
  • A complete course syllabus

After a complete application is submitted, the OCI and UKCI work with Jilin University to determine acceptance by the decision notice date.



Sichuan University will cover the following:

  1. International round-trip tickets (Economy coach class)
  2. Three weeks (including weekends) accommodation in Chengdu
  3. Teaching stipend:  $2180.00 
  4. Living allowances (including city transportation for teaching, meals)

Compensation Methods

- Once the potential participants confirm their travel itinerary, Sichuan University will book the International round-trip tickets collectively.

- The stipend will be paid in the second week

- To complete your compensation, you will need the following documents:

  • Copy of biological information page of your passport
  • Copy of latest entry stamp page of your passport
  • Copy of your boarding pass
  • Compensation currency is in RMB (Chinese Yuan).


Program Requirements

Program Orientation:


The UK Office of China Initiatives and Confucius Institute will host two required orientations for faculty who are selected to go to Sichuan University.

  • 1st orientation: March 31, from 5-7 PM at UKCI;
  • 2nd orientation: April 21, from 5-7 PM at UKCI.


Visa and Passport:

  • A valid passport is needed for this trip. The passport must be valid at least 6 months at the conclusion of the trip, which means, the passport must be valid through December 2020.
  • UKCI will handle the visa application for successful candidates. Candidates are responsible for paying a visa application fee of $333.50.


Health and Safety:

  • Successful candidates will be covered under UK’s international insurance and evacuation policy upon registration with the UK International. Completion of this registration is a required element of participation in this program.
  • For questions, please contact Jason Hope at