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Student Scholarships


The Confucius Institute at the University of Kentucky (UKCI) is pleased to announce both short- and long-term Confucius Institute (CI) Scholarships for non-Chinese citizens. The CI Headquarters, also called Hanban and located in Beijing, founded this scholarship to provide funding for students, scholars, and non-native Chinese language teachers worldwide to help them further their studies of Chinese. This scholarship also encourages the building of knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language and culture through support of research related to these topics, and to Chinese history, literature, and philosophy.

The following is a list of participating Chinese Host Universities for this scholarship: 

Short-Term Scholarship Options

  • Four-Week Scholarship
    • This category provides a sponsorship for 4-week study which is mainly focusing on Chinese language.
    • Application is mainly open to Confucius Institute (Classroom) students, excellent performers in HSK test, and outstanding club members of Confucius Institute Magazine.
    • Applicant should submit a HSK or BCT score report and have no prior experience of studying in China 
    • “Chinese Bridge” (Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students) Winners who have been awarded the 2016 “Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate” can apply for admission according to the scholarship specified in the certificate. 


  • Scholarship for One Semester
    • This category provides a sponsorship for 5 months.
    • Applicant should have no prior experience of studying in China, but have a minimum score of 120 in HSK Test (Level 2) and a minimum score of 40 in HSKK (Beginner Level).
    • Alternatively, applicant should have a minimum score of 100 in BCT (A) and a minimum score of 120 in BCT (Speaking). 


  • Scholarship for One Academic Year
    • This category provides a sponsorship for 11 months.
    • Application is open to Confucius Institute (Classroom) students, overseas Chinese language teachers, Chinese language major students and excellent performers in HSK test.
    • International students who are now studying in China are not eligible for the scholarship.
    • Applicant should have a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 3) and 60 in HSKK test (Beginner Level).
    • Alternatively, applicant should hold a minimum score of 180 in BCT (A) and a minimum score of 180 BCT (Speaking). 

Long-Term Scholarship Option

  • The Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) Scholarship 
    • This category provides a sponsorship for 2 academic years.
    • Applicant should own a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 5), and a minimum score of 50 in HSKK Test (Intermediate Level).
    • Applicant who is able to provide the employment agreement or certification upon finishing the study from designated working institutions is preferred. 


  • The Scholarship for One Academic Year Study and MTCSOL Students 
    • This category provides a sponsorship for 3 academic years.
    • Applicant should provide the employment agreement from a designated Confucius Institute or a prospective working institution.
    • Applicant should hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 3), and a minimum score of 60 in HSKK Test (Beginner Level). 


  • The Scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (BTCSOL) Students 
    • This category provides a sponsorship for 4 academic years.
    • Applicant should hold a high school diploma or above, a minimum score of 180 in HSK Test (Level 3), and a minimum score of 40 in HSKK Test (Intermediate Level). 

Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

Scholarship recipients are exempt from tuition and on-campus accommodation fees, and are provided with a monthly living allowance and comprehensive insurance while studying in China. Monthly living allowances are provided at the following rates (CNY Yuan per month): 

  • CNY 2,500 for Bachelor’s Degree students, One Academic Year students, and One Semester students 
  • CNY 3,000 for Master’s Degree students 


  • Admission for students of MTCSOL, One Academic Year Study and MTCSOL students, BTCSOL students, One Academic Year students, and One Semester students is either on September 1st, 2016 or March 1st, 2017. 
  • Four-Week Study courses are available from July 15th – August 14th, 2016, or December 15th, 2016 – January 14th, 2017. 

Application Process

This scholarship is administered by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), which manages the admission process. The UKCI acts as a recommending institute for applicants from the University of Kentucky. Students who select the UKCI as their recommending Confucius Institute must fulfill the following requirements: 

  1. Register for and take the appropriate HSK and HSKK exams (see above for specific level needed for each scholarship). Click here for more information about the exams. 

  1. Complete the UKCI application form  

  1. Submit two letters of recommendation to TBD. At least one letter of reference must come from your (UK or Confucius Institute) Chinese language instructor. Deadline to submit letters: TBD 

Once applicants receive an email from the UKCI clearing them to continue in the CI Scholarship application process, they will need to complete the following steps as discussed further on the Hanban CI Scholarship website:

  • Log on to the Hanban CI Scholarship homepage  

  •  and register for a CI Scholarship ID 

  • Applicants will then receive their ID by email and can log in through the Hanban CI Scholarship homepage to begin the application process 

  • After logging in using their ID, applicants should read the information provided in each of the tabs at the top of the screen, as well as the information on the Hanban CI Scholarship website regarding the host institutes and majors 

  • Applicants then need to complete and submit the CI Scholarship Application Form on the Scholarship website. Applicants from UK will need to be sure and indicate the UKCI as the recommending institute in the online application form. Applicants will also need to attach the electronic files of the following materials to their online application (Deadline to complete and submit the application: TBD): 

  • Photocopy of passport photo page 

  • Photocopies of the required HSK, HSKK, or BCT written and oral score reports for the desired scholarship 

  • Notarized diploma of highest education level attained (scheduled graduation proof or official proof of student status) 

  • Reference letter(s) (including the UCKI recommendation letter) and letter of commitment, if necessary, to teach for 5 years following graduation. MTSCOL Scholarship applicants are required to submit two reference letters from professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English) and a written commitment stating that the applicant will be engaged in Chinese language teaching for at least 5 years after graduation (written in Chinese and signed). 

  • Winners from the finals of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions held in China for college and high school students shall submit the certificate of scholarship. Winners of preliminary rounds of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions in their countries shall submit award proof and a reference letter from the Chinese Embassy (or Consulate) in the competition area. 

  • Chinese language teachers shall submit proof of the length of time they have taught and weekly teaching hours provided by the institutes they work for. 

  • Other materials required by the applicants’ selected Chinese Host University 

  • In addition to submitting the application and required materials online, applicants will also need to submit the application and materials in hard copy as a package to UK Confucius Institute in the Lucille Little Fine Arts Library lower level. 

Application Review Process

1. The UKCI will examine all application materials for each CI Scholarship applicant and 
submit a list of recommended applicants to Hanban by TBD

2. Chinese host institutes will also review applications and submit a proposed enrollment list of 
qualified candidates to Hanban by TBD. 

3. Hanban will then organize an expert panel to make the final selections and publish the list 
of successful applicants on the Scholarship website by TBD. 

4. Hanban will also inform the host institutes and the UKCI of those accepted, and we as the 
recommending institute will then inform the applicants. 

5. The Chinese host institutes will post an admission letter, enrollment instructions, the “Visa 
Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China” (JW202 Form) and other related 
materials to successful applicants through their recommending institutions (the UKCI for UK 

6. For more information on the review process, please click here

Contact Information

Division of Scholarships, Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban 
Address: 129, Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100088 
Fax: +86-10-58595727 
CI Scholarship website: 
HSK and HSKK website: 

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, UK students must take the HSK testing. Click here for more information about HSK testing. 

If you will not be earning academic credit during your time in China, you must register with the Office of International Health, Safety & Security. 

Final acceptance cannot be confirmed until students have registered with the appropriate office. 

As part of the registration process, all students will be enrolled in UK’s international travel medical insurance & evacuation coverage. The cost of this coverage ($10.50 per week) will be billed to their student account. 

Welcome to the UK International Center! Bradley Hall is currently open for document drop-off and appointments only. Please contact a member of our team to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!