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Shanghai Summer School (Project 3S)

How to Apply

UK Confucius Institute is offering a sponsorship for 4-week study in Shanghai, China this summer. Through diversified ways such as lectures, experiences, practices, exchanges, discussions and exhibitions, 3S project members can not only savor the infinite charm of Chinese culture under the background of globalization but also come face to face with this miraculous international metropolis. 3S project members will also have chance to communicate with specialists and professors, students from other foreign countries, Chinese students of Shanghai University, and Shanghai citizens. Please check here for the detailed itinerary.  

Time Period:  July 15, 2018 — August 12, 2018, 4 weeks in total  

Application Deadline:  March 30, 2018

Application Details

Requirements for Applicants:

  • Students recommended by UK Confucius Institute; 
  • University undergraduates or higher education level; 
  • English speaking nationals with non-Chinese passport.

Application Materials:

Application Procedure:

  1. Applicant sends application form and passport copy to by March 30. 
  1. UK Confucius Institute recommends qualified candidates to Shanghai University before April 9. 
  1. Shanghai University and UK Confucius Institute jointly admit qualified candidates. SHU issue admission documents by April 16. 
  1. UK Confucius Institute notifies accepted applicants by April 20. 

For information, contact Lina Yu by, work phone: 859-257-4523. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I can’t speak Chinese at all, can I still apply?

Yes! There is no requirement of language abilities. Students will be grouped into different Chinese language classes based on their current level. So that is fine if you have never learnt Chinese before.

2. Can Confucius Institute help with the visa application?

Yes! Once you get your admission letter, you can contact Lina Yu ( to help you with visa application. We will charge $333.50 as visa application fee. And we will take at least 3 weeks for you to take your passport back.

Documents needed are as follows: 
    1) Original Passport 
    2) Visa application form 
    3) Photo (passport photo size, printed by Walgreen, Costco or CVS) 
    4) Copy of Driver License (If you don’t have one, use student ID) 
    5) Check of $333.50 issued to UK Confucius Institute 

3. Are we supposed to go to China together as a group?

No. You will go on your own. That means you need to book your own flight ticket. Besides, as mentioned in the program plan, you need to pay for any additional nights stayed if you are going to arrive earlier or leave later. So please contact the host university in advance to make sure your travel plan is plausible.  (Contact: Ms. Xiao Xiao,, +86-21-5633-1820)

4. Can I get academic credit for this program?


If you wish to receive academic credit for participating in Confucius Institute's summer school program, please understand the following information:

1)      The College of Arts and Sciences has equated the credit for these courses as MCL 100 (3 credits)

2)    If you receive academic credit as part of an Education Abroad program, you will be required to apply with UK Education Abroad.

a.    When you register with UK Education Abroad, you will be required to pay the following fees:

       $50 Application Fee

       $100 Administrative Fee

       EAP 599 tuition - $448 (for KY residents) or $1,119 (for non-residents)

       Travel Medical Insurance billed at $10.50 per week


You must notify Lina Yu ( from the Confucius Institute if you are interested in earning credit by March 30, 2018. If you do not mention it in your application, we are assuming that you are not interested in earning academic credit. And you shall not be able to request it later. You are welcome to consult Niamh Minion ( from Education Abroad if you have any question about credit issue.

If you are not interested in receiving any academic credit for this program, please understand the following information:

1)      You will need to work with the International Health, Safety and Security Manager Jason Hope ( to be registered with UK International Center

a.      When you register with UK International you will still be charge the $10.50 per week for Travel Medical Insurance

UKCI need to get a confirmation from either Niamh Minion or Jason Hope before we can issue you the admission letter for the program. 

Welcome to the UK International Center! Bradley Hall is currently open for document drop-off and appointments only. Please contact a member of our team to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!