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Apply to UK - In 10 Steps


This page includes instructions on how to apply to University of Kentucky through UK's Online Application.

Keep in mind you can also apply to UK through the Common Application or MyCoalition Application.

The application is easy and quick - the only thing that can take a bit of time is the admission essay and your scholarship essays. If you are applying for scholarships we recommend you look at the prompt, write the essay in Word, review and come back to the application to complete and submit.

If your essays are done, you can complete this application in less than an hour!

  • 1

    Create an Account Need: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Email Address, and select a password.Remember to write your password down!

    You will need to provide First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Email Address, and select a password.

    Please write your password down - the application times out if you are inactive for an hour so you want to make sure you save often and remember your password to come back later.

  • 2

    Start your Application - About You! Here you will review your basic contact details, select gender and preferred pronouns.No need to add social security number.

    Here you will review your basic contact details, select gender and preferred pronouns.

    You don't need to add the social security number (unless you have one because you've been in the U.S. before)

  • 3

    Residency Information Asks details about country of birth, citizenship and residence. If you're an undergraduate degree-seeking student, select I-20.If you're an exchange, non-degree or visiting student, select DS-2019

    Here you'll add details about country of birth, citizenship and residence. If you're an undergraduate degree-seeking student, select I-20.

    If you're an exchange, non-degree or visiting student (short-term), select DS-2019. You will also need to indicate your native language.

  • 4

    Address Information Add a preferred address to receive mailSelect if you want text messages from usAdd International AddressAdd Permanent Address (for visa purposes)

    You will need to provide details on where you want to receive your official University of Kentucky mail and let us know if you can text you later with scholarship reminders, etc.

    You also have to add an international address (your permanent address which will be listed on your immigration documents) and an additional contact, which can be someone in your school, a family member, etc.

  • 5

    Plan of Study Tell us when you want to study at UK and what type of student you are.

    This section asks when you intend to attend the University of Kentucky and what type of student you are:

    Freshman (first-year), Transfer (coming in with credits), Readmission or Non-Degree (coming for a short-term period as an exchange student, visiting scholar, etc.)

    You also get to choose your intended major/program of study. It's ok if you don't know that yet  - you can see our program options here, select a second choice and/or change your major later.

    Keep in mind international students cannot select programs that are offered completely online as it conflicts with the visa requirements to be an international student in the United States.

  • 6

    Education Add high school information, senior courses and any colleges you may have attended

    This section has multiple parts - you will need to tell us where you went to high school, what courses you took or are taking during senior year, and add any other college education you've done within or outside the United States.

    You may not find your high school in our search engine but don't worry - you can type in your high school to make sure we get the name right.

  • 7

    Accomplishments Add extracurricular activities, hobbies, experience and awardsThis is required for competitive academic scholarships assessment

    This section has multiple parts including activities and experience (extracurricular activities, clubs, leadership positions, hobbies, etc.) and awards or recognitions you may have received.

    Remember it's very important to complete this section, especially if you want to be considered for our competitive academic scholarships!

    Don't be humble - this is your time to brag about your successes!

  • 8

    Additional Data Select ethnicity

    This section is optional - you can select your ethnic background and any support resources you may have used/experienced.

  • 9

    Honors College & Scholarships Complete essays for admission and scholarships

    Make sure you read this section carefully. Here is where you can mark what scholarships you are interested in and if you want to apply to our Honors College. There are specific pathways you can choose within Honors, which you will also get to learn more about and choose.

    Once you select what you want to apply for, you will see the required essays you need to complete. You will always have to complete an admissions essay but if you apply for scholarships or honors, you will also have to write another essay.

    Tip: Open a Word Document and type your essays there. Review for grammar mistakes, spelling errors and make sure you answer the prompt you have been given. Once you review, copy and paste your essay in the corresponding section.

  • 10

    Submit your Application! Review your application and click submit!

    Here you will certify that what you added in your application is truthful, complete and accurate. To complete your application you click "Agree and Submit Application" and you are done! Congrats! You have just applied to University of Kentucky!

    You can also click save and submit your application later. If you want to come back, just remember you will need your username and password to log in and finish your application.