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Make sure you apply for admission and housing by May 1 to secure your spot!

Residence Life

Before you arrive to UK, you will be able to choose where you want to live. Students may choose to live on or off-campus. For incoming freshmen, it is suggested that they live on-campus to get better acclimated to life at UK when they arrive.

On Campus

Living on campus allows you to be part of a strong, tight-knit community and puts you close to your fellow classmates, classes, professors, downtown Lexington and many other opportunities.

The university has 20 different residence halls available to students, each offering unique benefits, dining and entertainment experiences. These state-of-the-art facilities have study rooms in each floor for students to catch a quick study break and foster strong living communities for students to build friendships with fellow peers. To apply to on-campus housing, click here.

Living Learning Programs

UK also recognizes that college students learn both in and out of the classroom so The Office of Residence Life has collaborated with UK colleges and offices to create 17 Living Learning Programs (LLP), to complement the classroom experience.

LLPs are designed for you to live where you learn. You may be especially interested in the International Village LLP. This is a multi-national community of students, with roommate pairings matching international and U.S. students to foster cross-cultural friendships. This dynamic residential experience will offer specialized programming, interactions with UK faculty and staff, and a supportive community that focuses on student success.

Off Campus

There are many off-campus options for students who wish to live outside of the campus. For more information on off-campus housing, click here.