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EA By the Numbers

Over the past 5 years...

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Enrollment Data

UK EA produces an annual enrollment report of the previous academic year’s participation in education abroad programs for academic credit. This report highlights UK's education abroad historical trends in enrollment, comparisons by academic college, destination trends and student demographics.This data is also compared to national enrollment as well as UK’s benchmark institutions.

Exchanges Data

UK EA produces an annual exchanges report of the previous academic year, which overviews the development, maintenance and financial management for UK’s university-wide and college specific exchange programs. This includes information on the operation of both outbound and inbound application processes and data on individual exchange programs, including student participation numbers, cost center balances and agreement expiry dates.

Financial Data

UK EA produces an annual funding report of the previous academic year's funding award to students in support of education abroad programming. The report not only focuses on funding awarded directly through UK EA, but also includes the awards students received from sources internal to UK as well as those from other organizations and partners. It also highlights comparisons by academic college and destination.

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