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Alternative Service Breaks

Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) connects students with service projects in communities beyond the borders of Lexington, and Kentucky, in order to promote service-learning experiences that benefit both students and the community they serve.

These programs are offered during breaks from the school year, such as Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break. This gives you the opportunity to serve a community abroad, without missing out on anything at school! As a student-run organization, ASB is housed right on the University of Kentucky campus.

Who is ASB?

  • UK Center for Community Outreach

  • Break Away - A National Service Organization

  • UK Education Abroad and Exchanges

Before applying to UK EA, you must first apply to and be accepted by UK ASB.

Registering with UK EA

Visit the University of Kentucky Alternative Service Breaks website at to learn all of the details about UK ASB. On this page, you can find information about all the different service options, locations, and timeframes.

If you’ve found the service-learning program that’s right for you, then you need to apply to ASB through their website. Once you’ve been accepted by ASB, you can complete your registration with UK Education Abroad and Exchanges. Apply to UK ASB here.

Funding your Alternative Service Break

Worried about funding? University of Kentucky students interested in earning credit for their ASB can apply for the UK EA New Horizons Scholarship, but don't stop there! There is no limit to the amount of scholarship money you can use toward a program. Consider reaching out to UK ASB for more scholarship opportunities or do a simple search online.