UKIC / Education Abroad & Exchanges / AR 4:9

AR 4:9

University of Kentucky Administrative Regulation 4:9 establishes the policies and procedures for University students, University employees and non-University individuals participating in international education travel experiences or clinical international programs explicitly endorsed by the University, whether credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing.

All participants in international education travel experiences explicitly endorsed by the University, and as defined by this regulation, shall successfully apply or register their international education travel experience with the University of Kentucky International Center (UKIC) and comply with all other requirements established by the regulation.

Key Takeaways:

  • All students are required to read and comply with the requirements outlined in AR 4:9.

  • Any student who does not register with UK Education Abroad will not be able to apply credit earned abroad towards a University of Kentucky degree.

  • Students must be have Travel Medical Insurance that meets minimum standards of the University.

  • Anyone who provides patient care in clinical international settings must provide evidence of malpractice insurance coverage deemed acceptable to the UK HealthCare Risk Management Committee.