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Doctoral Research

Registering Your International Research

If you're interested in conducting research abroad, your first step is to contact your College. Once your College and advisor approve your research, an appropriate research plan, coursework, and you've completed course registration, you'll need to register your travel with UK Education Abroad and Exchanges.

As a registration system, UK Education Abroad and Exchanges (UK EA) will collect important information such as your itinerary, flights, passport information, malpractice insurance information, and more. You will need to have gained full approval from your College and completed your travel registration with UK EA before you are able to travel.



767 and 749 are both placeholder courses for doctoral students conducting field research. Graduate students enrolled in a 767 credit course for an independent study or research are considered to be engaging in 'credit-bearing' international travel and must register through UK EA.



If the 767 course places a field research student in severe financial difficulty, the Graduate School is will to accept petitions for registering in a 749 course (which has no credit hours) instead. Students in this situation should meet first with their DGS to ensure that they have been properly registered. Once a student is registered for 749, they must register their travel through The Office of International Health, Safety and Security.


Receiving credit for your research abroad? You could be eligible to apply for a UK Education Abroad and Exchanges scholarship.

The UK Education Abroad Scholarship is highly competitive, meaning not every applicant will be awarded.


  • October 1st for winter and spring programs

  • February 1st for summer programs

  • April 1st for fall programs

Ready to apply for a scholarship?

EAP 599

EAP 599 is a one-credit hour course required for all undergraduate students. As a professional student, you have the option to opt-in to EAP 599. This course does have pre-departure, reflection, re-entry, and quiz components, but also has a financial benefit. If enrolled, this course will waive all other UK tuition costs for the term that you are abroad. For example, if you are enrolled for a three credit hour course, enrolling in EAP 599 will allow you to receive four credit hours of credit, while only paying for one credit hour.

As a post graduate student, if your tuition is already being funded by your college or department, this course will not be a financial benefit for you. EAP 599 tuition waiver also does not apply to your program fees.

Interested in learning more about EAP 599, or enrolling in the course? Contact us!