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EAP 599 Tuition

All undergraduate students on this program must complete EAP 599: Maximizing Your International Education Experience, a required 1-credit hour orientation course. This pass/fail course keeps you classified as full-time and allows you to utilize federal financial aid and most institutional aid for your education abroad program. All participants pay 1-credit hour of tuition at your normal residency rate. If you are participating in a UK faculty-directed program, this course will waive all other tuition charges for any courses/credits associated with that program. The EAP 599 tuition will be charged to your UK Student Account during the term in which you’re abroad.

This course is required for undergraduate participants. Graduate and professional students are not required to complete EAP 599. Please note, graduate students who opt out of EAP 599 altogether will not receive the tuition waiver described above.

EAP 599 Tuition Cancellation Policy: Participants who withdraw from their program abroad prior to the first day of the UK academic term (UK Academic Calendar) will not be charged EAP599 tuition. Participants who withdraw from their program abroad on or after the first day of the UK academic term will be responsible for the portion of the EAP 599 tuition in accordance with the Tuition and Fee Liability policy as established by the University of Kentucky.