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Finding your Program Costs

Each program has its own program costs. No two programs have exactly the same costs. You'll find specific information about a program's costs on the 'Program Cost and Budget page' of the program brochure (the page with the Apply Now button).

To find the 'Program Cost and Budget' page:

  • Open the program brochure for the specific program you are interested in. 
  • Locate 'Program Cost and Budget' toward the top left hand side of the page and click on the term (Fall, Spring, Summer etc) you are interested in.

In addition to reviewing the costs it is important to pay attention to the cancellation policies for each program. The policy for costs billed by UK are listed below the budget on the 'Program Cost and Budget' page. The policy for costs billed by other organizations will be detailed on the website of the program provider or host university. 

Note for UK Faculty-Directed Programs

As part of the application for a UK Faculty-Directed program, you will be required to complete an Acknowledgement of Program Cost (APC) form. This form is designed to help you identify all the costs associated with your program of choice, what financial aid (if any) will be available to you, and what remaining funding will be needed to make the program financially accessible.

The APC form is included as part of the Faculty-Directed program application.