Why should I be interested in Education Abroad?

Education Abroad can help you:

  • Globalize your world view
  • Expand your problem-solving skills and intercultural understanding
  • Prepare you to work in an increasingly diverse and international workplace
  • Enhance your sense of independence and adaptability
  • Gain new insight into the world and yourself
Heather Campbell-Speltz
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Education Abroad Advisor
Jon Hibbard
EA Advisor

What is a Major Advising Page?

Major Advising Pages (MAP) feature education abroad programs that your department thinks are most appropriate for this discipline. Participating in a program featured on this MAP will allow you to complete coursework for your major/minor that has already been approved to transfer.

How do I use this MAP?

Use this MAP to identify programs of interest to you that offer coursework that might fulfill some of your degree requirements or compliment your studies at UK.

Ready to get Started?

As you evaluate the programs on this MAP, consider these important questions.

  • Do you want to complete courses abroad, or prefer completing a research project or internship?
  • Do you want to learn a language or improve your foreign language skills?
  • Would you like to study abroad for a semester, academic year, or a shorter amount of time like a summer or winter?
  • Do you want to study abroad with UK Students, or would you prefer to study alongside local students or other international students?

Highlighted Programs


This research-based program offers students the opportunity to conduct research in social or environmental science while further offering each student the ability to design and conduct their own research project under the supervision of knowledgeable and experienced local researchers. Students will enroll in GEO 365: Special Topics in Regional Geography: Society and Environment in Oaxaca, Mexico (3 credit hours); GEO 431: Political Ecology (3 credit hours); and GEO 406: Field Studies in Geography: Undergraduate Field Research Experience, Oaxaca, Mexico (3 credit hours) or ANT 352: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Society and Environment in Oaxaca (3 credit hours) and ANT 399: Field-based/Community-based Education in Anthropology (3 credit hours).
Term: Summer
Language: English


Students wanting to study abroad in Granada can experience a city which overflows with cultural and architectural remnants of an illustrious past. At the same time, the modern aspects of this vibrant city are ever-apparent. Courses offered include Applied Linguistics, Spanish Art, Current Socio-political Topics in Spain, Image of Women in Spanish Literature, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Speaking and Writing Skills.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: Spanish
Salamanca is known for being one of the top locations in the world to learn the Spanish language. It is home to the oldest university in Spain and is ISA’s first program site, where our first group of students studied abroad in 1987. As a student here, you will benefit from living in a gorgeous medieval city small enough to navigate by foot, allowing you to gain an intimate understanding of the local landscape and culture. As you explore you'll find yourself amidst the glowing sandstone buildings that have earned Salamanca the nickname “La Cuidad Dorada” (The Golden City).
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: Spanish
This is an eight week program in San Jose, Costa Rica with our partner Global Experience, where you will be taking an internship course and working up to full time. For this summer program you can earn up to 7 academic credits. The internships are customized to your professional and personal goals. This is a great opportunity in your four year plan to network and gain international work experience.
Term: Summer
Language: Spanish, English
Partner ISA oversees the study abroad program at Pontificia Universidad Católica is in Valpariso, Chile. You can choose between a summer and semester option. You will be able to study Spanish language and Chilean culture in this program. Not sure about how many credits you would take? For a semester option we encourage taking a similar amount as you do at UKY, for a summer it can range from 3-9 credits. If you are wanting a study abroad program that isn’t Europe, but you still cant travel around then PUCV is the program for you!
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: Spanish, English

Universidad del Norte (ISA)

Barranquilla, Colombia

During this semester-long program in Barranquilla, Colombia, you'll have the opportunity to take classes at the Universidad del Norte - a leading university in Colombia! While course offerings vary from summer to semester options, Barranquilla is great for students interested in STEM, Spanish language, Latin American studies, business, and engineering!
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: Spanish, English


The University of San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) is a modern private liberal arts university with four campuses throughout Ecuador. UK students typically participate in the exchange to the main campus, located in the quiet valley town of Cumbaya, approximately 30 minutes by bus from Quito. This exchange program offers students the opportunity to take Spanish language and culture courses, as well as a large variety of discipline courses such as anthropology, history, and more. All coursework is conducted in Spanish.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring
Language: Spanish
Live and study in one of Europe's most dynamic capital cities studying at The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, better known as UC3M offers a wide array of course work in both English and Spanish. This is an excellent program for students with some Spanish language experience but who are also looking for course work offered in English.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring
Language: English, Spanish


Shoulder to Shoulder Global (STSG) is a UK Global Health Initiatives organization that integrates academic and community partners to improve the health and well-being of an underserved community in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. Students, faculty, staff and community members can participate in this transformative, education experience by joining one of the brigades.
Term: Spring , Summer
Language: English, Spanish