Why should I be interested in Education Abroad?

Education Abroad can help you:

  • Globalize your world view
  • Expand your problem-solving skills and intercultural understanding
  • Prepare you to work in an increasingly diverse and international workplace
  • Enhance your sense of independence and adaptability
  • Gain new insight into the world and yourself
Katherine Hale
Director of Gatton Global Initiatives
Education Abroad Advisor
Olivia Ellis
EA Advisor

What is a Major Advising Page?

Major Advising Pages (MAP) feature education abroad programs that your department thinks are most appropriate for this discipline. Participating in a program featured on this MAP will allow you to complete coursework for your major/minor that has already been approved to transfer.

How do I use this MAP?

Use this MAP to identify programs of interest to you that offer coursework that might fulfill some of your degree requirements or compliment your studies at UK.

Ready to get Started?

As you evaluate the programs on this MAP, consider these important questions.

  • Do you want to complete courses abroad, or prefer completing a research project or internship?
  • Do you want to learn a language or improve your foreign language skills?
  • Would you like to study abroad for a semester, academic year, or a shorter amount of time like a summer or winter?
  • Do you want to study abroad with UK Students, or would you prefer to study alongside local students or other international students?

Highlighted Programs


Study finance in Paris, France. Take FIN 300 or 490 in the heart of Europe and one of the centers of finance innovation. Learn the foundations of corporate finance with visits to famous Parisian financial hubs. Dive into interesting local topics, such as the financing of art at the Paris auction houses and cutting edge financial innovation at fintech startup accelerators. Finance in France is a four-week program during the month of July. Students will have lectures Monday through Wednesday with outings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as scheduled free time to explore on their own.
Term: Summer
Language: English
Explore career management and strategies to navigate your college-to-career journey with Dr. Josh Taylor and other UK students in Paris, France this summer. Take B&E CIS 300 and compliment your studies with an optional 8-week, English-speaking international business internship with a Paris-based firm. Industry placement options include fashion & lifestyle, travel & tourism, global tech consulting, digital marketing & social media strategy, film & entertainment, and not-for-profit/NGO.
Term: Summer
Language: English
Students will take Analyzing Business Operations (AN 300-701) asynchronously with professors from both the University of Kentucky and the University of Leeds during the spring semester. During spring break, students will travel to the United Kingdom to visit business and cultural sites, and visit with their classmates and professors from Leeds. Site visits include a guided tour of the Jorvik Viking Centre!
Term: Spring Embedded
Language: English
You will experience International Marketing by immersing yourself in the countries of origin. Remember, "It's not wrong, just different." You will visit companies operating since the 1500's and still relevant today, as well as companies that have reinvented themselves for the 21st century. Experience the food, the culture, the people and learn why a king built so many castles. You will join Prof. Dr. Rebecca Oliphant and learn together why Sworovski crystal keeps their process so secret, and why Riedl glass has a special glass for each and every type of wine. And remember, no Kroger in Europe.......yet.
Term: Summer
Language: English
Kenya is one amazing country! With lush plains, awe-inspiring mountain ranges, impossibly beautiful weather, a coastal region that rivals the Caribbean and gracious people to boot, Kenya will simply blow your mind. It has one of the most developed cities in the world in Nairobi; its the unofficial African Safari Central; most wonderful people; ethnic diversity within the locals (40-70 groups) with a large Indian community and now a massive influx of expats; vibrant technology industry; over 230 non-profit organizations and a hub for UN and WHO.
Term: Summer
Language: English
Take MGT 492 and 309 in London, United Kingdom - the world's financial hub!
Term: Summer
Language: English


The Barcelona SAE Internship Program will enhance your cultural and business understanding of Spain and the world through the exchange of knowledge: interns provide real work assistance for the company while the company provides a hands-on reality of the business world in Barcelona – in fields as diverse as International Business to PR to teaching English.
Term: Summer
Language: English
Founded in 1875, The American College of Greece is the oldest American-accredited college in Europe and the largest private college in Greece. Athens is the capital and largest city in Greece, and located only ten miles from the coastline of the Athens Riviera. Choose from a wide variety of Accounting & Finance, International Business & European Affairs, and Management & Marketing courses.
Term: Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English
Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, and known for its art and architecture, such as the incredible Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Pompeu Fabra was ranked the best university in Spain in 2021. Enhance your Spanish language studies as well as take courses in the International Business Program (IBP) Courses in English.
Term: Fall , Spring
Language: English, Spanish
Spend a semester or summer exploring the streets of Florence, Italy, while studying at the Florence University of the Arts. FUA is one of the most popular options for UK students, offering a wide variety of coursework across various subjects. FUA is also a leading institution in the private educational sector of Italy.
Term: Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English, Italian


Massey University

Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand is ranked No. 1 in world for student teaching and experience. Course options include: Consumer Behavior, Retail Marketing, Branding, Essentials of Marketing, Social Media & Digital Marketing, Customer Intelligence, and more
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring
Language: English


WHU is the number one business school in Germany. In addition to enrolling in marketing coursework, students may have the opportunity to participate in an internship. “Summer Direct” also available.
Term: Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English, German
Vienna University of Economics and Business is recognized as one of the top 50 business schools in Europe. VU offers in business, economics and related area courses with a focus on international and European topics in English. “Summer Direct” also available.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English, German

Lancaster University

Lancaster, England

Located in northwest England, 20 miles from the coast and just 2 and a half hours from London by train, Lancaster University is a favorite destination for UK students looking for a semester or academic year exchange to England. You can take courses from over 30 Departments, as well having the opportunity to work independently on an undergraduate research project.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring
Language: English