Why should I be interested in Education Abroad?

Education Abroad can help you:

  • Globalize your world view
  • Expand your problem-solving skills and intercultural understanding
  • Prepare you to work in an increasingly diverse and international workplace
  • Enhance your sense of independence and adaptability
  • Gain new insight into the world and yourself
Adib Bagh
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Education Abroad Advisor
Jon Hibbard
EA Advisor

What is a Major Advising Page?

Major Advising Pages (MAPs) feature education abroad programs that your department think are most appropriate for this discipline. Participating in a program featured on this MAP will allow you to complete coursework for your major/minor that has already been approved to transfer.

How do I use this MAP?

Use this MAP to identify programs of interest to you that offer coursework that might fulfill some of your degree requirements or compliment your studies at UK.

Ready to get Started?

As you evaluate the programs on this MAP, consider these important questions.

  • Do you want to complete courses abroad, or prefer completing a research project or internship?
  • Do you want to learn a language or improve your foreign language skills?
  • Would you like to study abroad for a semester, academic year, or a shorter amount of time like a summer or winter?
  • Do you want to study abroad with UK Students, or would you prefer to study alongside local students or other international students?

Highlighted Programs


Reading is a community rich with numerous music, art and cultural festivals, in addition to a thriving theatre scene. Situated on the River Thames, and only a 30-minute train ride from Central London, Reading provides a great blend of suburban living with easy access to the big city. A walk through town shows off Reading's unique blend of old and new, with picturesque streets lined with traditional red brick structures and modern commercial buildings. A quick jump on a train can have students venturing out into the surrounding English countryside for a pleasant stress free day.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring
Language: English

Korea University (ISA)

Seoul, South Korea

Korea University is one of the Korea's oldest, largest and top-ranked universities.Known as the "Ivy League" private university in the country, Korea University is a world-class institution featuring a dynamic educational environment, beautiful and conveniently-located campus, and top-quality student facilities. With a variety of courses in business, sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences, applied sciences, and even more specialized fields, you will have the opportunity to take courses for your major, minor, and general education requirements. All courses are taught in English by local and international faculty, with the exception of the Korean language course. No Korean language experience is required to participate. The classes are comprised of Korean students, ISA students, and visiting international students from all over the world.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English, Korean

Heriot-Watt University (API)

Edinburgh, Scotland

Students who choose to study abroad in Edinburgh at Heriot-Watt University with API will enroll in courses with Scottish and other international students. You can select from a wide array of courses in the fields of science and engineering, brewing and distilling, business, fashion, design, and textiles. Heriot-Watt is ranked Ranked 13th in the U.K. and 2nd in Scotland, according to Guardian. Enroll in classes alongside students from Scotland and across the world, earn valuable academic credit toward your degree, and experience life in spectacular Edinburgh, with its stunning architecture and its vibrant cultural scene of live music, performing arts, festivals and sporting activities!
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring
Language: English


Lancaster University

Lancaster, England,

Located in northwest England, 20 miles from the coast and just 2 and a half hours from London by train, Lancaster University is a favorite destination for UK students looking for a semester or academic year exchange to England. Voted University of the Year 2018 by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, and rated as one of the world's top 100 most international universities by Times Higher Education, you'll find yourself living and learning alongside students not only from the United Kingdom but also one hundred other countries around the world.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring
Language: English

Maynooth University

Maynooth, Ireland

Maynooth University is located in the beautiful, historic town of Maynooth, just 30 minutes away from Ireland's capital city of Dublin. The campus combines historic 18th century buildings with state of the art research and teaching facilities and is close to Ireland's 'Silicon Valley'. Maynooth maintains strong links with Intel, HP, Google and more than 50 other giants of industry.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring
Language: English