Why should I be interested in Education Abroad?

Education Abroad can help you:

  • Globalize your world view
  • Expand your problem-solving skills and intercultural understanding
  • Prepare you to work in an increasingly diverse and international workplace
  • Enhance your sense of independence and adaptability
  • Gain new insight into the world and yourself
Stefan Bird-Pollan
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Education Abroad Advisor
Jon Hibbard
EA Advisor

What is a Major Advising Page?

Major Advising Pages (MAP) feature education abroad programs that your department thinks are most appropriate for this discipline. Participating in a program featured on this MAP will allow you to complete coursework for your major/minor that has already been approved to transfer.

How do I use this MAP?

Use this MAP to identify programs of interest to you that offer coursework that might fulfill some of your degree requirements or compliment your studies at UK.

Ready to get Started?

As you evaluate the programs on this MAP, consider these important questions.

  • Do you want to complete courses abroad, or prefer completing a research project or internship?
  • Do you want to learn a language or improve your foreign language skills?
  • Would you like to study abroad for a semester, academic year, or a shorter amount of time like a summer or winter?
  • Do you want to study abroad with UK Students, or would you prefer to study alongside local students or other international students?

Highlighted Programs

Faculty Directed

This research-based program offers students the opportunity to conduct research in social or environmental science while further offering each student the ability to design and conduct their own research project under the supervision of knowledgeable and experienced local researchers. Students will enroll in ANT 352: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Society and Environment in Oaxaca (3 credit hours) and ANT 399: Field-based/Community-based Education in Anthropology (3 credit hours).
Term: Summer
Language: English


Located in Athens, Greece, The American College of Greece (ACG) offers a great variety of courses from three schools: the School of Arts & Sciences; the School of Fine & Performing Arts; the School of Business. Popular subject areas include Business, Performing & Visual Arts, and Psychology. Courses are taught in English by ACG faculty at ACG with local and visiting international students. Students can take up to 12 credit hours in the summer and up to 15 per semester.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English
Take the semester to enjoy living and studying in Italy with API at the John Cabot University in Rome. During this semester-long program, you'll get to take a variety of course offerings available in both English and Italian with other international students. Founded in 1972, John Cabot University is an independent, four-year, U.S.-accredited liberal arts university located in Rome. Centrally located in the quaint Trastevere neighborhood, JCU is a only short walk away from the Tiber River and many of Rome’s most historic sites. The school is named after the Italian navigator, Giovanni Caboto, or John Cabot, whose exploration helped to open relations between Italy, England, and North America.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English

Semester in Copenhagen (DIS)

Copenhagen, Denmark

At DIS you have freedom of choice when it comes to building your curriculum. DIS offers you an academically rigorous, hands-on curriculum – taught in English – that is unique to your needs. DIS courses are taught by industry professionals, and you'll study alongside other students from the United States.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English
While studying in Florence, Italy with API, you will take coursework at Lorenzo de’ Medici – The Italian International Institute (LdM). Located in a 13th century convent in the heart of the city, courses are available in a wide variety of subjects across the arts, humanities, business, and international relations. During each semester, you can earn up to 16 credits.
Term: Academic Year , Fall , Spring , Summer
Language: English


Heidelberg University

Heidelberg, Germany

Located in south west Germany on the banks of the River Neckar, the city of Heidelberg is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe. The University divides their philosophy curriculum into 5 specialty areas: Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic. Also, the program offers introductory courses such as History of Western Philosophy, with courses in Ancient & Medieval Philosophy and Modern Philosophy.
Term: Academic Year , Spring
Language: English, German


With an 80-year tradition of academic excellence, Massey offers a wide range of subjects, with key emphasis on natural sciences, engineering, creative arts and business. This virtual Global Semester program gives you the opportunity to register for a minimum of one and a maximum of four online courses at Massey. Registering for four online courses means you are participating on this program in full-time status. You can also register for 1-3 online courses at Massey while also registering for courses at UK.
Term: Fall , Spring
Language: English