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About Miko McFarland

Miko McFarland, Executive Director of Education Abroad & Exchanges, oversees the education abroad team and program portfolio, which includes faculty-directed, exchanges, partner and consortia programs, internships and for-credit community engagement opportunities abroad. 

A Missouri native, McFarland completed a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Master of International Affairs and Administration from Missouri State University. Prior to joining the UK Education Abroad & Exchanges team, Miko served as the Study Away Programs Advisor at Missouri State University for over four years, where she advised approximately 400+ students through all phases of the education abroad process. In 2014, McFarland joined UK Education Abroad & Exchanges as the Assistant Director. 

McFarland plays an active role within the field of international education. She currently serves on multiple regional, national and international advisory boards, including the ISEP Council of Advisors and the International Studies Abroad Board of Directors. She is a member of the Association of International Educators (NAFSA) , a Trainer Corps member, a NAFSA Leadership Academy Alum and contributing author to NAFSA publications. McFarland regularly presents at conferences to promote best practices in education abroad programming, international risk management, student health and safety and faculty engagement. 

Throughout her career, McFarland has received professional recognition, including a 2012 Missouri State University Division of Student Affairs Award, for her contributions toward developing an online education abroad transfer equivalency process and the 2011 NAFSA Region IV Outstanding New Professional in International Education.

When Miko is not working on education abroad initiatives, she is an avid equine enthusiast and will happily engage any fellow equestrian in “horse talk”.

Professional Accomplishments

Co-Presenter, "Innovative Study Abroad Programming & Recruitment for Diverse Student Groups." Presented at NAFSA Region VI Conference, Indianapolos, IN, Oct 2019.

Panelist, "The Changing Landscape of Education Abroad Safety & Security: The Faculty Perspective." Presented at 2019 Overseas Security Authority Council (OSAC) - Academic Working Group, Lexington, KY, Oct 2019.

Presenter, "Deal or No Deal? Best Practices for Conducting Business with Education Abroad Providers." Presented at 2019 HEIBO Conference, Boise, ID, Oct 2019.

Co-Presenter, "Deal or No Deal? Doing Business with Education Abroad Providers." Presented at 2019 NAFSA Kentucky State Meeting, Richmond, KY, July 2019.

Co-Presenter, "Emerging Leaders in the Field of Education Abroad." Presented at the Annual NAFSA Conference, Washington DC, May 2019.

Trainer, "Managing the Education Abroad Office." Pre-Conference Workshop at the Annual NAFSA Conference, Washington DC, May 2019.

Co-Author, "Managing Fears with Effective Communication: Creating a Crisis Communication Plan That Serves All Stakeholders." International Educator. March+April 2019.

Co-Presenter, "Managing Education Abroad Fears with Effective Communication." NAFSA e-Learning Seminar. January 2019. 

Co-Presenter, "Re-Orienting Orientation: Utilizing Online Platforms to Transform Orientation for Today's Student." Presented CIEE Conference, Barcelona, Spain, November 2018. 

Co-Author and Co-Presenter, "Strategic Pathways: An Overview of Operational Funding Models for Education Abroad Offices." Presented and published at International Studies Abroad ThinkDen, University of Colorado at Boulder, CO, July 2018. 

Presenter Chair, "Fear Management: Methods for Effective Crisis Communication." Presented as a Focus Track for Advanced Professionals at the NAFSA National Conference, Philadelphia, PA, May 2018.

McFarland, Miko. (Published Fall 2017). “Chapter 8: Alternative Program Types.” NAFSA’s Guide to Successful Short-Term Programs Abroad 3rd Edition.

Presenter Chair, “Risk in Real Life: Partnerships for Emergency Response Efforts.” Presented at the ISEP Symposium Conference, Washington D.C., Oct 2017.

Presenter Chair, "Fear Management in the Midst of a Crisis Abroad." Presented at NAFSA Region VI Conference, Louisville, KY, October 2017.

Co-Presenter, "The Beaten Path: An Exploration of Advising Structures." Presented at NAFSA National Conference, Los Angeles, CA, May 2017.

Presenter Chair, "Risk in Real Life: Using TDS to Manage Emergencies Abroad." Presented at Terra Dotta University, Summerlin, NV, April 2017.

Co-presenter, “A Method to the Madness: Insights and Resources for Program Portfolio Development.” Presented at the NAFSA Region IV Conference, Springfield, MO, Oct 2016.

Co-presenter, “Collaboration at a Systems Level for Safe and Ethical Global Health Engagement.” Global Health Workshop at American Association of Family Practitioners Conference, Atlanta, GA, Sept 2016.

Co-presenter, “Education Abroad Peer Advising Models & Incentives” Poster Presentation. Presented at NAFSA National Conference, Boston, MA, May 2015.

Co-presenter, “Faculty Engagement in Education Abroad: Strengthening Relationships”. Presented at NAFSA Kentucky State Meeting, Richmond, KY, Jul 2015.

Panelist, “The Future is Here: Articulating the Unique Value of International Education in a Changing Landscape.” International Education Leadership Colloquium at the NAFSA Region VI Conference, Lexington, KY, Oct 2014.

Presenter Chair, “ISEP Mentoring & Partnership Success.” Presented at Annual International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) Symposium, Washington D.C., Nov 2014.

Presenter Chair, “NAFSA Academy: Where Learning is Contagious”. Presented at NAFSA Region IV Conference, Rapid City, SD, Nov 2013.

Co-Presenter, “Critical Reflection in Study Away Programming”. Presented at NAFSA Region IV Conference, St. Louis, MO, Nov 2012.

Presenter Chair, “Toolkit for Developing a Peer Advisor Program”. Presented at NAFSA Region IV Conference, St. Louis, MO, Nov 2012.

Co-presenter, “21st Century Learners and Study Away”. Presented at Missouri State University’s Showcase on Teaching and Learning, Apr 2012.

Co-presenter, “Critical Reflection in Study Away Programming”. Presented at Missouri International Educator’s Meeting (MIEM), University of Missouri Columbia, MO, Jun 2011.