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About Olivia Ellis

Olivia Ellis is an Education Abroad Advisor and Scholarships Coordinator in the UKEA office. Olivia advises for all UK Healthcare colleges and undergraduate medical colleges. Olivia also oversees and coordinates UKEA Scholarships.

With a lifelong passion for understanding culture and international affairs, and having studied abroad in Germany, Olivia has discovered that being involved in an international community is truly an experience – and not just because of great food. Olivia has grown to believe that international education is an opportunity for every student to explore not only the world, but themselves and the cultures that shaped them. For Olivia, the importance of education abroad is to bring the outside world a little closer to home, and to spread a little bit of home into the outside world. As a member of the UK Education Abroad and Exchanges office and a proud alumna of Future Problem Solving Program International, Olivia hopes to make an impact on students, and campus in general, in order to foster a greater understanding and excitement for continued international learning, understanding, and problem solving.

As a new face to the international education career field, Olivia has become a participant in NAFSA  and the Forum on Education Abroad conferences and sessions. Olivia has also received the “Health, Safety, and Risk Management in Education Certificate” from NAFSA, and plans to pursue further training and experience.

A native of Van Lear, Kentucky, Olivia holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and German Studies from Transylvania University.