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Start Your Journey

Knowing where to begin can be challenging, so we have laid out several steps to help get you started.

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    Visit us on Campus The building with the flags

    You are welcome to drop-in the Education Abroad Advising Center anytime from 8-5 without an appointment or email one of our Education Abroad student peer ambassadors (EAPA) at

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    Attend a First Steps Session Learn & talk with past students

    Our First Steps Information Sessions are a great place to start if you have questions about Education Abroad, what to think about when considering a program, how to select a program, cost, financial aid and scholarships, etc. UK EA encourages all students starting this process to attend one of these sessions!

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    Brainstorm Your Goals Don't forget it's not all about the Insta.#study

    Participating in an education abroad program is exciting, but don't spend so much time thinking about epic Instagram captions that you forget to set goals for yourself. You should start brainstorming your goals before you choose a program, but this process should also be on-going and requires regular reflection.

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    Find Your Program MAPS & External Programs

    UK Education Abroad & Exchanges (UK EA) works with colleges and departments on campus to help students select programs which contribute toward their degree. Please visit the UK EA Advising Center in 315 Bradley Hall for additional resources and and assistance in finding a program.

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    Meet your UK EA Advisor EA Advisors advise by college.

    Once you have attended a First Steps Session, met with an EAPA and researched Financial Aid and Scholarships opportunities, you can make an appointment with your UK EA Advisor if you still have additional questions. They advise by college, so follow the link below to find out who your advisor will be!

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    Start Your Application Learn how to apply

    To apply to a program, you will visit the UK EA Portal (this is the same portal used to search for programs). After deciding which program you want to apply to:

    1. Click the blue "Apply Now" button (either in the top right corner of the program brochure, or floating at the bottom of your screen).
    2. Read the popup text very carefully for an explanation of our UK EA Application fee. (Note: Some applications don't have a fee)
    3. Click OK!

    Once you start your application, you will need to complete your profile and all application pieces.