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Undergraduate Research

What is Independent Study and Research?

If you have a passion or topic that you want to pursue internationally, but there doesn't seem to be a program that fits your goals, an Independent Study and Research (ISR) program may be just right for you. Students who participate on an ISR program have the flexibility to find credit-bearing internships, lab assignments, and other opportunities around the world.

To complete an ISR program abroad, you will first need to contact your College, Academic Advisor, or a faculty member. Within those groups, you will need to find someone to approve your ISR program, and help establish a learning plan, coursework, and proper course registration.

Once your ISR program is established, you'll need to complete the ISR application and registration with UK Education Abroad & Exchanges (UK EA). Our office will collect important information such as your itinerary, flights, passport information, and more. You will need to have gained full approval from your College and completed your registration with UK EA before you are able to travel.

Already been approved by your College?


If you're receiving credit for your ISR program, you could be eligible to apply for a UK Education Abroad and Exchanges scholarship.

The UK Education Abroad Scholarship is very competitive, meaning not all applicants will be awarded.


  • October 1st for winter and spring programs

  • February 1st for summer programs

  • April 1st for fall programs

Ready to apply for a scholarship?

EAP 599

EAP 599 is a one-credit hour course required for all undergraduate students.

This course has pre-departure, reflection, re-entry, and quiz components, but also has a financial benefit. When enrolled, this course will waive all other UK tuition costs for the term that you are abroad. For example, if you are enrolled for a three-credit hour course, enrolling in EAP 599 will allow you to receive four-credit hours of credit, while only paying for one credit hour.

The EAP 599 tuition waiver does not apply to any program fees, only tuition that would normally be billed to your myUK student account.

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