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Using Financial Aid & UK Scholarships

If you are awarded a scholarship from UK EA, the amount is applied to your UK student billing account at the beginning of the term that you are going to be abroad or when registered for your course abroad.

Undergraduate students must be registered for EAP 599 in order to be eligible to receive a UK Education Abroad & Exchanges Scholarship. Graduate and Professional students must be enrolled in either EAP 599 or a UK academic course for credit related directly to the education abroad program.

The award amount is $1,500. Scholarships are reviewed and scored by a faculty and staff committee. Awards will be distributed to applicants in the order of highest score to lowest score as funding allows.

Application Deadlines:

  • October 1 for Winter or Spring

  • February 1 for Summer

  • April 1 for Fall

You will be notified if you were awarded a scholarship on the 1st of the month following the application deadline.

The New Horizon Scholarship is for students participating in embedded short term programs. This is a $500 scholarship.

There are two deadlines:

  • December 1st for Spring embedded
  • April 1st for Fall embedded

Using Financial Aid

Tip 1

If you successfully apply to a UK EA program and are approved by UK Education Abroad & Exchanges, you will be allowed to use your federal and state financial aid for credit-bearing education abroad programs.

Tip 2

Summer financial aid is the remaining balance of the funds you have not used for your fall and spring terms. If the you are a full time student, you may not have any remaining funds available to apply towards your summer Education Abroad program. In most cases remaining balances may be used, but the Financial Aid office must see that the student is enrolled in EAP 599 and obtaining academic credit while abroad.

Tip 3

If you are participating on a program during the summer term, you must complete a one page Summer Request form (available to students in late March from the Financial Aid office) and turn that in to the Financial Aid office to notify them that you are requesting funds for the summer.

Tip 4

If you are not currently receiving financial aid, you may apply for aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available at All students are eligible for either need-based or non-need-based aid funds. Some funds available are free grants and other funds come in the form of loans. Make sure you understand the funding available to you before you accept any funds.

Tip 5

You must have an up-to-date FAFSA on file for the term in which you wish to study abroad. Keep in mind that, for example, your 2017-2018 FAFSA application includes the Summer 2018 term.

Tip 6

It's important to discuss with a Financial Aid Counselor how you can use your financial aid funds for participating in an Education Abroad program. UK Education Abroad doesn't want you to come home from an Education Abroad program only to find out that you don't have enough aid remaining to pay for the next semester.

Tip 7

While the amount of financial aid can be increased due to the additional costs involved in participating in an Education Abroad program, do not assume that you will be awarded 100% of the money needed to cover the costs of your program. Always seek additional sources of funding. A listing of alternative student loans is available from the UK Office of Student Financial Aid.

Tip 8

If you are currently receiving financial aid, you must first apply to an Education Abroad program. Your Education Abroad Advisor can provide you with information about the program costs and estimated budget that they can take to the UK Office of Student Financial Aid. This budget will include the amount of money needed (including airfare and spending money) to finance the Education Abroad program.