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Global Dynamics in UK Core

The University of Kentucky’s general education program – the UK Core – is foundational to a university education at the University of Kentucky. A university education is more than simply learning a set of skills in a specific area in preparation for a job or career. A university education is designed to broaden the students’ understanding of themselves, of the world we live in, of their role in our global society, and of the ideals and aspirations that have motivated human thought and action throughout the ages. It must help individuals effectively put into action their acquired knowledge, to provide the bases for critical thinking and problem solving, and to develop life-long learning habits. The UK Core is composed of the equivalent of 30 credit hours in 10 course areas that address four broad learning outcomes. Depending on choice of major or courses, some students may take more than 30 credit hours to complete the UK Core.  

Learning Outcome IV of UK Core, titled "Citizenship" states:  

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of citizenship and the process for making informed choices as engaged citizens in a diverse, multilingual world. [6 credit hours]
  • Students will recognize historical and cultural differences arising from issues such as ethnicity, gender, language, nationality, race, religion, sexuality, and socioeconomic class; students will demonstrate a basic understanding of how these differences influence issues of social justice, both within the U.S. and globally; students will recognize and evaluate the ethical dilemmas, conflicts, and trade-offs involved in personal and collective decision making.
  • Students will take two courses, each with a topical or regional focus. The first course will include critical analysis of diversity issues as they relate to the contemporary United States. The second will be a non-US based course that includes critical analysis of local-to-global dynamics as they relate to the contemporary world.
  • In addition, each course must address at least 2 of these 4 topics: societal and institutional change over time; civic engagement; cross-national/comparative issues; power and resistance.

This is the Global Dynamics requirement in UK Core. Global Dynamics courses equip students to participate in a diverse, multiethnic, multilingual world community. Toward this end, students consider issues of equality, ethical dilemmas, global trends, social change, and civic engagement in the context of local cultures outside the U.S. 

Faculty are encouraged to develop new and innovative Global Dynamics courses. For a current list, click here

 A template for Global Dynamics courses may be found here.

To propose a course be approved to fulfill the Global Dynamics requirement of UK Core, faculty should consult the Chair of the University Senate's Core Education Committee for up to date information on the approval process, click here.