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International Coauthorship Bibliometrics

One of several metrics to assess a university’s global research engagement results from a bibliometric analysis of scholarly output of its faculty, particularly focused on publications involving co-authors based outside the U.S. The dashboards here evaluate the total scholarly publications by authors affiliated with the University of Kentucky, as indexed by Elsevier.

Several metrics, sorted by country, can aid in this analysis: the number of international co-authorships; the percentage of change in international co-authorships over time; total citations of these publications, and field-weighted impact factors. All of these are further filterable by the subject areas (as defined by the Times Higher Education).

The visualizations below represent UK’s research publication output for a five-period ending with the last update as indicated in the lower right. “Total # of citations” counts the instances a scholarly publication is cited by other researchers. “Avg. field-weighted impact” compares the total citations a publication receives with the average number of citations a publication in the same subject area receives. This helps to normalize analysis of scholarly publication data across disciplines. For example, researchers working in fields such as biochemistry typically produce more publications with more co-authors and longer reference lists than researchers working in fields such as mathematics and education. The ‘avg. field weighted impact’ data makes comparison across these disciplines possible, though differences reflect research culture, not performance or quality.

Data was downloaded at the date indicated at the lower right of the visualizations. The Global Footprint updates SciVal data every six months, and therefore may not perfectly align with data as published on SciVal.

The bibliometric data used in creating these visualizations is drawn from SciVal, a web-based analytics solution that provides comprehensive access to research performance of over 20,000 research institutions and their associated researchers from 230 nations, and utilizes indexing of over 55 million publication records from more than 22,000 journals published by 5,000+ publishers worldwide, as indexed by Elsevier.

The UK Global Footprint website and underlying data is gathered, developed, and maintained by the office of International Partnerships and Research (IPR), in collaboration with other units of the UK International Center, as well as external UK data sources/units. For questions or concerns about the data displayed here, please contact