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Current Student Scholarships

International Student Tuition

Scholarships will be awarded to continuing F-1 or J-1 undergraduate and graduate students based on minimum academic criteria and financial need. Selection of awards will be made based on the applicant’s ranking within the competitive pool. Tuition scholarships ranging from $500 – $3,000 will be awarded for the next academic year. This tuition scholarship is a one-year, non-renewable award, contingent upon full-time enrollment on the University of Kentucky Lexington campus and a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or better for undergraduate students and a 3.00 or better for graduate students.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be:

  • International students in F-1 or J-1 visa status
  • Current students with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 for undergraduate or 3.0 for graduate and professional students
  • Demonstrate evidence of financial need

Note: Sponsored students or students with a full assistantship or fellowship are not eligible.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Slaymaker, Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services at

How to Apply

To apply you will need to address the following in the online general academic scholarships application.

  1. In 500 words or less, discuss your progress toward graduation and the reasons for your current financial need. Please explain any event or situation that occurred which has made it more difficult to pay your tuition. Also, please include descriptions of all other funding sources that you have, or will have, in place to help you complete your degree at UK. Please describe your current plan to resolve any tuition balances.
  2. Do you currently work on campus?
  3. If you currently work on campus, how many hours per week do you work?
  4. How are you currently funding your education?
  5. What is your anticipated graduation date?

Deadline to apply is June 1, 2023

    Other Scholarships

    Undergraduate students can also apply to the following scholarships using the same online general academic scholarship application. Just make sure you select all the scholarships you want to apply before you submit your application!

    • Academic Excellence Scholarship
    • William C. Parker Diversity Scholarship
    • College and Departmental Scholarships

    The Viji Jeganathan Scholarship for Cross-Cultural Understanding


    This is an endowed scholarship in memory of an outstanding international student, Viji Jeganathan. The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize an individual who demonstrates leadership and ability in bridging cultural differences and who by example promotes communication among students of diverse nationalities at U.K. or in the Lexington Community.


    One $1,000 scholarship

    Criteria of Eligibility

    • An International or American student.
    • A Junior, Senior, or Graduate student who has completed at least three semesters at U.K.
    • Currently enrolled full-time at U.K.
    • Cumulative G.P.A. - 2.8 for undergraduate; 3.3 for graduates.
    • Has participated in International Center programs or campus or community activities that promote international awareness and understanding.
    • Demonstrates leadership ability by example
    • Demonstrates exemplary character and integrity
    • Has not previously received this scholarship

    Selection Schedule

    Application Deadline: June 1, 2023
    Announcement of scholarship award will be in June and will be celebrated with the Global Impact Awards in the Fall semester.

    How to Apply

    To apply you will need to address the following in the online general academic scholarships application.

    1. Upload a letter of recommendation from a U.K. faculty members or a staff member who can comment on your role in promoting cross-cultural understanding.   
    2. Submit an essay of about 500 words discussing your own experiences with cultural or ethnic differences. Talk about the means you have used to overcome barriers between people or ways you have helped others to bridge differences that divide people.
    3. Deadline, June 1, 2023