UKIC / Lt / Distinguished Faculty Achievements in International Research & Scholarship Award

Distinguished Faculty Achievements in International Research & Scholarship Award

This award seeks to recognize UK faculty who advance UK’s role as an impactful, globally engaged research university through a demonstrated  commitment to global engagement through research, scholarship, and creative activities, as evidenced by well-established and ongoing records of international activities, and taking into account the diversity of scholarly production, and the varied traditions of collaboration, publication and grantsmanship that characterize the faculty of a comprehensive, research-intensive university.  


Open to full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty who have been on the faculty for two or more years, as well as emeriti faculty, with demonstrated records of excellence in one or several of the following areas while at UK: 

  • Research, scholarship, or creative activities focused on international topics, area studies, or transnational issues. 
  • Research, scholarship, or creative activities undertaken at sites outside the U.S. 
  • Significant accomplishments that demonstrate the international impact of the research and scholarship (consulting, capacity-building grants, etc.).  
  • Service on international boards, task forces, scholarly societies/journals or other activities that advance the interests of the global community of scholars in their fields.  
  • Research, scholarship, or creative activities that have received funding for international engagement activities from governmental agencies, foundations/NGOs, charitable organizations or other funding bodies headquartered outside the U.S. 
  • Collaborative research and co-authored publications with scholars and scientists based outside the U.S. and/or mentoring international graduate students, postdocs or other scholars, on-campus or in their home countries. 

Nomination Process:

  • Complete online UK-GIA Nomination Form (required documents may be uploaded in the form).
  • Submit narrative describing the nominee’s qualities, achievements and work (describe how these reflect the award criteria – up to three pages).
  • Upload nominee’s résumé/CV.
  • Self-nominators, please submit one letter of support from an additional referee.


  • Self-nominations are accepted.
  • Nominators must be affiliated with the University of Kentucky (faculty, staff, or students).
  • Nominators cannot nominate a single candidate for multiple UK-GIA Awards in the same year.