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UKIC / Confucius Institute / First PD Conference in 2015

First PD Conference in 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

UKCI held the first PD in 2015 on the UK campus on January 17. Dr. Huajing Maske, Director of UKCI, presented a speech entitled How to Celebrate the Chinese New Year to approximately 40 UKCI Chinese teachers and volunteer teachers.

During this PD, Dr. Huajing Maske shared her experience in organizing Chinese cultural activities through vivid photos depicting past Chinese New Year showcases.
In the afternoon, the CI teachers learned how to make paper lanterns, paper window decorations, red packages, a Chinese scroll, and a Chinese painting using air movement to manipulate the ink.

The CI teachers are encouraged to organize school-wide Chinese New Year celebrations and to promote Chinese culture for this special occasion with their newly gained skills in this PD session.