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UKIC / Confucius Institute / Journalism's Buck Ryan Publishes in Jilin Research Journal on Chinese Culture

Journalism's Buck Ryan Publishes in Jilin Research Journal on Chinese Culture

Thursday, July 31, 2014

By Ann Blackford


University of Kentucky Associate Professor Buck Ryan, who was honored a second time for his teaching at Shanghai University, is publishing an article on journalism education in a prestigious research journal on Chinese culture published by Jilin University.

Ryan, the eighth director in the 100-year history of the School of Journalism and Telecommunications, was recognized at Shanghai University in June for the second consecutive year for his course, "Storytelling: Exploring China's Art and Culture." 

Last year Ryan and his son, Austin, won a teaching award as part of the International Short Term in conjunction with the 1st International Education Forum of Shanghai University organized with UK's Confucius Institute. 

This year at the June 20 opening ceremony of UK Week at SHU, featuring UK Provost Christine Riordan, Ryan's top student, Zhang Mengni, a freshman education major, delivered a speech in English about the course as a highlight of the International Short Term. 

Ryan also mentored the first two "2+2" journalism majors from SHU, Tina John and Jada Wong, who will begin their studies at UK this fall. The "2+2" program offers students the opportunity to graduate with degrees from both UK and SHU if they successfully complete their first two years at SHU and their final two years at UK. 

Ryan,  director of the Citizen Kentucky Project of UK's Scripps Howard First Amendment Center, visited Jilin University in Changchun, China, from June 24 to 27. He was a guest lecturer in a commentary writing class, and he delivered a research presentation on his KET documentary, "Citizen Kentucky/Citizen China: Hope for a New Century," which aired as a lead-in to the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

After his research presentation, Ryan was approached by international journalism lecturer Zhang Siqi, associate editor of the Jilin University research journal Huaxia Cultural Forum. "Huaxia" is a term representing the nation of China and its civilization. 

Zhang worked with Ryan on a Chinese translation of an article he originally published titled "Journalism Education: A New Deal for Russia and China, too," which appeared in a special section on education for ROOSTERGNN, a bilingual global news site, based in Madrid, Spain.

The abstract for Ryan's article in the Jilin research journal reads: 

"Journalism schools in China, Russia, and America face similar challenges on finances, curriculum, and credibility, mirroring the struggles faced by the profession of journalism in those countries. In America, journalism is suffering a 'Great Depression,' so the author offers a 'New Deal' solution that may have value in China and Russia, too."

On July 25, in the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame room in the School of Journalism and Telecommunications, Ryan met with Zhang's dean, Xu Zhengkao, who visited UK as part of a Jilin University delegation.

Xu, the first dean of a new College of Journalism and Communication at Jilin University, praised Ryan and Zhang for their collaboration and invited Ryan to return to Jilin in September to continue work on his plans to update his "Citizen Kentucky/Citizen China" documentary for KET. 

The Jilin University delegation visiting UK was hosted by Huajing Maske, director of UK's Confucius Institute, which has supported Ryan's work at Shanghai University and Jilin. 

The delegation explored possible "2+2" undergraduate programs and "1+1" graduate-level programs, as well possible faculty research collaborations, in the Gatton College of Business and Economics, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the College of Communication and Information.